Best Tenerife Beaches: 5 Relaxing Spots For AFamily Car Trip

Best Tenerife Beaches: 5 Relaxing Spots For AFamily Car Trip

Tenerife’s beaches are very diverse in size, color, and livability, because in total there are more than 70 of them. You’ll find small pebble beaches, black and white sand beaches, wild beaches and well-appointed beaches with restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and hotels near the coast. But which of them will be comfortable to rest not only for you but also for your children?

We have prepared a list of beaches that are suitable for families. They have a smooth entrance into the water, practically no currents, as well as soft and clean seabed. These places are scattered all over the island and the best solution to reach them is car hire Tenerife airport South. Book your car in advance and then pick it up immediately after landing. It’s very convenient, practical and fast.

Well, which beaches in Tenerife are good for your family weekend?

Playa del Duque

Best Tenerife Beaches: 5 Relaxing Spots For AFamily Car Trip

Playa del Duque is the Blue Flag holder. This means that the rest here is not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. The beach features grayish yellow sand and you will find the necessary infrastructure on it. If you arrived in a hire car, finding a place to leave it won’t be a problem – there’s a specially equipped car park there.

Playa del Duque is a chic resort chosen by families who value comfort and silence. The locals like del Duque too – they come there to relax on weekends. The beaches are clean. You can rent a parasol and a sun lounger, as well as have a snack without leaving the beach. The ocean water is warm, and children like to splash in the transparent gentle sea. Of course, adults also won’t refuse to swim in emerald water.

Playa las Teresitas

Best Tenerife Beaches: 5 Relaxing Spots For AFamily Car Trip

This resort was created by the hands of the inhabitants of San Andres village. Until 1973, there was an absolutely wild section of the coast, subject to wind and waves. Its advantages are flat relief and unusual width. The volcanic sand was replaced with yellow sand brought from the Sahara

In order to prevent the waves of the ocean from disturbing tourists, a dam was built there. As a result, the water area became calm and the water temperature increased by several degrees at once.

Children like rollerblading, scootering and bicycling there. On the shore, tourists are offered sun loungers and awnings. Shower and toilet are available. Those who wish to have a snack without leaving the beach can go to one of the coastal restaurants.

Playa Fanabe

Best Tenerife Beaches: 5 Relaxing Spots For AFamily Car Trip

Situated 14 km away from the local airport, Playa Fanabe is among the first beaches to go with your hire car. This resort is preferred by families, and the entire infrastructure is designed for them. There are many cheap hotels in the coastal zone that are ready to accept tourists with children. The beach is covered with gray sand: this is a consequence of unsuccessful attempts to replace the original volcanic sand with imported one. 

After swimming in the ocean, you can take a shower for free, but the toilet can only be visited for money. For little vacationers, there are water attractions, which are also used by adults. Near the shore you’ll find shops selling everything for a seaside holiday: swimwear, hats, glasses, and umbrellas. Vacationers who prefer not to leave the beach until the evening can have a snack at the coastal cafes. They offer Spanish and European cuisine, and some of them also provide a children’s menu.

Playa de Los Guios

Best Tenerife Beaches: 5 Relaxing Spots For AFamily Car Trip

This is a resort for travelers looking for special conditions for living and recreation. Actually, only a small part of the coast is allocated for swimming: it’s cleared of boulders and large pebbles. The sand on the shore is natural – black volcanic. For those who want to swim and sunbathe, there are sun loungers and awnings. Toilet and shower are paid.

Often, people go to Playa de Los Guios not to plunge into the waters of the Atlantic – there’s a unique mountain range of sheer cliffs. It protects the coast from strong winds. In addition, the rocks additionally heat the water. 

Night entertainments, including bars, clubs, and discos are not available here. But daytime bars and restaurants are plentiful. This resort is suitable for couples with children because of the easy entry into the water, the warm sea, and the absence of strong waves.

Playa del Bollullo

Best Tenerife Beaches: 5 Relaxing Spots For AFamily Car Trip

Del Bollullo is located far from the developed tourist routes. You can get here by car hire, which will have to be left at the restaurant in the car park. Then, you will have to walk down to the beach. Part of the path will pass in the shade of banana plantations, and part – along a rocky slope. But the work will pay off with stunning views of the secluded coast and calm sea.

On the surface, the water is absolutely calm, as the beach is surrounded by rocks, but don’t leave children unattended. Also, consider sun protection by yourself: sun loungers and umbrellas rentals are limited there.