Black Diamond Rings: Details To Know Before Buying
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Black Diamond Rings: Details To Know Before Buying

The first thing to cross our minds while talking about weddings is where everything is white. From a white bridal gown to white orchids to the pieces of jewelry, the tradition has been intimidating. But nowadays, most of the couples go for different options. For rings, they incline into choosing rubies, emeralds, or Black Diamond rings. The later is chosen most of the time as it appears gothic and classy.

Whether you buy Black Diamond rings for a wedding for yourself, it always adds sophistication to your outfit and your day. In this article, we are going to discuss everything that you should know before buying the black diamond ring of your choice.

Black Diamond Rings: Details To Know Before Buying

Things to know before Buying Black Diamond Rings

Black diamonds are the toughest configuration of natural diamonds. It consists of diamond, amorphous carbon, and graphite usually has a dark grey or black color and porous than any other diamonds. Carbonado diamonds (Black Diamonds) has a black color due to the following reasons:

  • Black diamond’s acquire their black color from the cloud of minerals present in them. These gemstones might have numerous cleavages which became black due to graphitization.
  • The actual color of a black diamond can be opaque to olive green in color. Sometimes, it is brown too!
  • Black Diamond needs special care for cutting and designing as they are heavily composed of minerals. Any mismatch can take away the luster.

Apart from the design and rich appearance, a good cutting, smooth finishing a black diamond is always a 100% real diamond.

Gradation and Quality of Black Diamonds

It is important to learn the 4C’s before you buy Black Diamond rings. It is the grammar for diamond business. The 4C’s denote Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight.

Cut: A black diamond can be a single cut having 16faces or a bright cut with 57 faces. The shape can be a fancy one of your choice too.

Clarity: The surface of Black Diamond rings must be polished with evenly distributed colors. The grades of clarity are AAA, AA+, AA, A. the AAA is the best excellent among the rest and must have a glossy lustrous surface.

To understand the clarity of the black diamond, we must determine its relief, size, nature, number, and the order of position of these factors.

Carat: Carat is the measuring unit of diamonds. A black diamond looks smaller than a white diamond as it has a higher frequency.

Color: The color of diamonds has a grading ranging from D-to-Z color diamonds. Black diamonds are completely out of this specific range of color. Since they are heavily composed, black diamond’s usually appear opaque. The fancy black color is artificially induced to give customers a lavish and profuse feeling.

The Metal

Traditionally, customers prefer gold or platinum for their Black Diamond rings to get the maximum durability. But Black Diamond Rings can be made out of rose gold pieces too. it depends on what you wear, if you a silver jewelry fanatic, it is obvious you’d choose platinum over anything.

Your Style

There is a lot of variety of Black Diamond rings in the market. If you are purchasing one for your wedding, it is clear that you’d choose a Classic design or something special from the Vintage collections. Other than the above two, you can opt for Solitaire or the Halo setting. Both are primarily designed by one single stone. The only difference is the Halo setting Black Diamond rings has smaller diamonds around the center. Therefore, It is more voluminous than the Solitaire Black Diamond ring. But in case you prefer a simple and regular style, you can go for the Solitaire setting. You can also choose three stone setting Black Diamond rings as it is compatible for both engagements and anniversaries.

  • Inspection of Black Diamond rings

Now that you know the important factors for Black Diamond rings, you must inspect before you buy one for yourself.

After you have selected a black diamond jewel for yourself, but the diamond in front of a fiber optic light. The edges must reflect a dark brown color. Since a black diamond is opaque, it absorbs most of the light for which they do not sparkle like a white diamond. Before you take the final call, make sure that your Black Diamond rings are GIA certified.

  • Buy Black Diamond rings online – Comparison of prices

If Black Diamond rings have won your heart so long, you must be looking for safe online sites to buy it. Before you agree to the advertisements of any normal online jewelry store, make sure you keep the following things in mind:

Check the quantity, clarity, and quality of the Black Diamond rings before buying. Go for certified rings even if it costs you a little more money. | compare prices of different websites before selecting your Black Diamond rings. | Do not forget to check the customer reviews before buying. There must be few customers who have posted fake reviews from fake accounts. Be clever while reading them. Also, do not ignore negative reviews. | avail the best after determining all the above factors.

  • Crosscheck the buyer’s history

Black Diamond rings are becoming quite popular in recent times. Before you buy the Black Diamond rings, check the vendor’s credentials officially. If the company has its website, go through the core of the website.

  • Maintenance of black diamond rings

 Black Diamond rings have thousands of microscopic features. The diamond is usually expensive for its superior hard structure. Since it is composed of several minerals, black diamonds are to some extend prone to breakage in contact with a heavy blow in comparison to any other diamond.


Being a customer, when you have to spend a generous sum on your jewel, you must know how to care for them. Avoid applying heat, steam, or chemical-based cleaners on Black Diamond rings. If you believe that your relationship is unique – Black Diamond rings are the best jewel for your spouse.

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