Your January Wardrobe

In the strange days between Christmas and New Year, the odd, dead days of Christmas, it’s a good time to look back, and look ahead. Lots of people want to make changes and redefine themselves in the new year – the energy of a fresh start on the calendar gives people the energy to make a fresh start themselves and this quiet week is a good time to plan.

A good way to underline any changes you’re planning to make, for yourself as much as for anyone else, is to tweak your wardrobe. Present yourself as the person you want to be, and it makes stepping into that person’s shoes all the easier.

Getting Fit

Many people plan to get fitter in the new year: to exercise more, to diet, to cultivate good habits. If you fall into this big group, you’re going to want to make sure you look the part – and exercise is always easy if you have the right clothes to do it comfortably.

There’s more to it than grabbing the nearest cheap tracksuit and hitting the gym, though. If you’re stepping through the doors of the leisure centre for the first time since a school skating party, you might feel uncomfortable, out of place, and intimidated. Beat back this rootless sense of fear by looking like you belong. With some trendy athleisure pieces from Blood Brother Clothing you can get used to looking the part before you have to walk the walk or run the run!

Chasing That Promotion

Another priority for many people at the start of a new year is to improve their employment situation. Some want a new job where their skills can be recognised and rewarded, others are hoping for some extra recognition and rewards in their existing job with a pay rise or a promotion.

Once again, dressing the part can help. Picking up a few choice new clothes can help you stand and look more professional, as well as acting as a sort of professional ‘costume’ that puts you in the right frame of mind as you put it on. Beginning the new year with a new habit for wearing a tie has several different effects:

You natural look up, making you look more professional and more engaged, as well as actually being more engaged, because of the change to your posture.

The daily ritual of tying it reminds you that you’re going to work, and puts you in tat alert, professional frame of mind so you’re giving your best from the first minute.

A subtle but powerful change in your outfit makes people who may have got used to you and overlook you – like bosses – take a fresh look, and like what they see!

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