The Significance of Tennis Coaching Styles

The Significance of Tennis Coaching Styles

Tennis is widely considered to be a beautiful sport that tests the players in terms of stamina, endurance, speed, control, power and precision. This is exactly why tennis players are one of the highest paid professionals in the world. However, this sport requires athletes to put in years of training and dedication in order to have a career in this sport. This is where tennis coaches come into play, as these professionals train and develop talent from a very young age. Most parents start teaching their kids tennis by the age of eight and enroll their children into tennis camps the moment their children show any level of potential.

Many schools also provide their students with tennis classes and host inter-school tournaments. These young talents are all trained by coaches who have the capacity of dictating their student’s career. Even the most talented players in the world such as Federer or Nadal didn’t become professional players overnight. These players had to train with coaches in order to for them to achieve anything. There is a very good reason why the majority of tennis players commemorate their coaches after a victory. These coaches are in a position to push the players and help instill a winning mentality.

It’s all about the Coaching Style

Coaching style used on the student plays a huge role in the player that they become. Each coaching style has its own effect on the development of the student and coaches have to determine which style will be more effective. Hence, coaches will have to take their students entire persona into perspective before they try to hone their skill set.

Most coaches use a generic approach for all of their students which include standard techniques. These students will never be able to become professionals as each player is unique in their own aspect. However, if the coach does provide their pupils with individual training that provides them with multi-faceted development, then they can go on to achieve great things.

A prime example of a player who has trained with many of the most renowned coaches in the industry is George Russell MacCall. He was one of the greatest American tennis players to be born in 1918. George Russell MacCall started playing tennis from the age of ten and was the captain of the Davis cup from 1965 to 1997. He was known for this fast foot and remarkable reflexes that helped him win the national opens men’s doubles championship. A tennis player of stature has publicly declared how his tennis coaches helped him achieve such a remarkable career.

Furthermore, with the development of technology, tennis coaches have also started using innovations to train their students. Now there is a plethora of different software which audio and video data to provide the players’ statistics. Coaches can easily identify their student’s weak spots and help them rectify these shortcomings. They can also use various tennis coaching apps that can even help coaches seamlessly communicate with their students.

At the end of the day, every coach has an impact on their student’s career and their style will influence the pupil’s development by a substantial margin.

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