Montana Gives The Freedom To Own Land Your Way

Montana – Scenic and Healthy

The availability of land in Montana is in the form of farms, ranches, and open rural properties. Montana is the second largest U.S. state with vast acreage for sale. Montana has 56 counties that feature a variety of land environments. You can farm, ranch, hunt, create a retail business, become your own entrepreneur in whatever industry you choose. You can set up a simple cabin or home of high-quality sustainability on land that is always scenic and healthy.

Land ownership is an investment choice that most people strive for. Montana offers landowners the option to erect a little home, start a ranch or farm, or set up a modern tent close to woodlands. Montana helps individuals design a productive landscape that supports life in an arena of mountains, streams, waterfalls, forests, and big city dreams. Finding land for sale in Montana might just be what you are looking for.

Modern History

Montana is rich in history that stems from the native Americans who watched over the state in its infancy. The Cheyenne, Sioux, Crow, Pend d’Oreille, Blackfoot, Assiniboine, Shoshone, and other tribes occupied all of the state’s mountain areas, central, western, and north-central lands. In 1889, Montana became the 41st state with opportunities abounding in mining, farming, logging, ranching, hunting, fishing, and much more.

Today, Montana is the fourth largest state in acreage with one of the highest wage increases. Montana offers many opportunities for entrepreneurship by adding incentives, including commercial, industrial, and residential benefits. There are a variety of land styles to purchase involving rural acreage, recreational property, and whatever an owner would like their dream to be.

Benefits of Owning Land

As history has borne out, Montana land does not depreciate, it only increases in value. Landowners in Montana do not have to pay a sale tax. As a real estate investment, the state continues to become more valuable and will continue for years to come. Many of Montana’s top industries include real estate, health care, construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, and so much more.

Owning land in Montana means that you can buy property for great and affordable prices which means that you don’t have a monthly mortgage payment. With Montana properties, there are no utility bills to pay and property taxes are cheap. Land is a valuable resource, especially when you set up near resources like water, fisheries, hunting regions, recreational area, farming and more. Rural areas of Montana gives you land that can be co-habited by creating gardens, going hunting for pheasants, elks, deer, or go fishing for trout, bass, catfish and pike all on land that you own.

Custer’s last stand is an open range of state parks, national forests, and areas where you can go hiking, biking, and horseback riding for hours. If more people could see the possibilities of land ownership in Montana and the freedom it offers, they would not hesitate to buy into a whole new cultural lifestyle that gives a healthier meaning to life.

Montana – How To Buy Land

Buying land in Montana is easy with options, such as Montana government providing land and property auctions on their website. You can also secure land directly from existing landowners. To make home ownership easier, contact a quality realtor who can match your personality and goals with the best land ownership prospects. The availability of land in Montana ranges from hundreds to thousands of acres.

A realtor in the big sky country can help you understand the inexpensive benefits in the vast mineral and water rights reserves on Montana lands. Montana listings include commercial acreage, residential lands, farmland, ranches, recreational land for sale, horse farms for sale, vineyards, waterfront land, and vast underdeveloped lands. Even though there are more than 1 million people spread throughout the state, no matter where you live you feel as though you have your own private world to yourself. On the other hand, your Montanan neighbors, whether in the city or in rural areas, are friendly and helpful.

Why Buy Land To Live in Montana

Yes, there are people who enjoy a continuous sunny day. But living in Montana means that you enjoy varied weather patterns. Montana summers below the mountains consist of highs in the 70s while it is cooler in the higher mountain elevations. During the Montana winters, which run from November to March, temperatures are just plain cold with sunny blue skies. With the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, the Glacier National Park, and wilderness environments, there is a variety of terrain to live on, play, and explore, unlike many other states.

IMG description: View of Missoula from Mount Sentinel, in Missoula, Montana.

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