Why Music Is Considered To Be an Art

Why Music Is Considered To Be an Art

Music is a form of art and it has been used for decades now to convey different messages. These musicians are using their music to tell a story in a way that will forever be etched in the brain of the listener. Music has been present for centuries now and although much has changed in the music industry, one aspect has never changed which is the fact that music is a language of its own.

Artists have actually managed to speak about their entire lives by using powerful lyrics that nod to an array of different issues in society. Rap artists are using their music to speak about social issues, such as racism and gang violence. These musicians are enforcing their inherent right of freedom of speech and are shedding light on unaddressed issues present in our society today.

At the same time, artists are using their music to promote positive messages as well. Christian rappers such as Radikal Hughes are using their music as a vehicle to promote their religion and certain beliefs. This is a unique way to promote peace, harmony and how people can choose to live a sin-free life while keeping our modern culture into perspective.

Radikal Hughes is a renowned Christian recording artist who has released two songs which have been included in the Top 40 Smash Hit Singles. He has collaborated with various artists and has helped convey a positive message for the younger generation. While other artists have instilled subliminal messages to speak about certain aspects of life that people can understand and relate too.

Furthermore, this form of art provides many different benefits which have been medically proven, some of these benefits are mentioned below:

Music Makes You Happier

Ever felt happier simply listening to a track that you can relate to? Well, that’s because your brain automatically released a hormone due to the melodic beats present in the track. This hormone is called dopamine and is only released in the body when a happy and positive stimulus is present.

Music Enhances Your Performance

There is a very good reason why athletes all around the world listen to music while training. Studies have proven that listening to music while indulging in any physical activity can actually provide bursts of adrenaline rushes. This music triggers a certain aspect of the brain that pushes the athlete to work harder and enhances their performance by a substantial margin.

Music Can Cure Sleep Apnea

Patients who suffer from insomnia and sleep apnea have reported that music is one of the most effective ways to induce sleep. Listening to calm and soothing music will put your mind at peace and this will help your body relax.

This list given above is just a glimpse into the array of benefits that this form of art provides. Only time can tell how music will continue to be a core aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to spreading a message to millions of people.

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