Celebrating Responsibly this Holiday Season

Holiday cheer brings together friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers for grand celebrations and happy spirits. With dinners, treats, and presents, the holidays tend to be a time for indulgence—as they should be. However, it’s far too easy to get carried away, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption. Whether it’s rounds of festive shots or one-too many eggnogs, one must be mindful of their intake. Most people drive to parties and some often carpool—for this reason and so many more, it is essential that you celebrate the holiday season responsibly.

Start slow

When throwing a party, most hosts visit their favorite alcohol hotspots and purchase a variety of drinks and spirits for their party bar. Whether they shop at a liquor store Lawrenceville, NJ or a wine shop in the next town over, they are bound to have light options as well as stronger proofs.

If you know yourself to be a lightweight, it might be a better idea to stay away from drinks with higher alcohol content. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting intoxicated—or worse, sick. Also, if you’re going to be at the party for a long time, it’s best to choose cocktails with low-alcohol levels to avoid become drunk at the party. Never drink on an empty stomach, and if you start to feel nauseous, be sure to switch out your drink for a water, and search for any salty snacks the host may be offering.

Pace yourself

It is important to know your limits and how to say no. Familiarize yourself with the alcohol content in each drink. Proof, for example, is alcohol percentage times two. These drinks tend to be stronger than others. 10% to 20% alcohol for spirits is tolerable for those who aren’t typically lightweights, but 20% to 50% content should be mixed with juice, tonic, or soda. Anything 50% or higher should be avoided at holiday parties, as such a high alcohol content drink can lead to impaired judgement.

When it comes to beer and wine, the math is more straightforward. Anything above 10% is considered to have a high alcohol content. If you’ll be consuming these drinks, you should remain in the 5-10% content range.


It’s no surprise that food is essential for drinking. It absorbs alcohol and prevents the side effects. If you plan on drinking at a party, you should come with a full stomach. Not only will this help you drink less, but you won’t run the risk of getting sick as much.

If you’re unsure what to consume to help with alcohol intake, carbs are a popular option. Bread is known for its alcohol absorbing properties, so a sandwich of some sorts will help you keep your alcohol down.

A good ratio to keep in mind is that every plate of food will allow you to consume two drinks. If you plan on drinking more, it may be a good idea to brink pretzel sticks or a cheese and crackers plate to the party. Not only is it a nice gesture to come bearing gifts, but you’ll ensure that there will be something to hold you down in case you get nauseous.

Have a designated driver

It is against the law to drive under the influence of alcohol. Not only will you be a threat to yourself, but driving drunk also puts others in danger—be them drivers on the road or pedestrians walking nearby. If you’ve had alcohol at a party, it is best practice to stay away from the driving wheel, opting for a cab or a sober designated driver instead.

A blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08% deems a driver legally impaired, thus unable to drive. If you happen to be stopped by an officer and a breathalyzer shows that you have reached this level, you can be arrested for driving under the influence. In such a case, you run the risk of license suspension and even jail time.

It’s important to remember that even though you broke the law, you still have rights. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it’s best to seek the help of qualified New Jersey attorneys—or attorneys in your home state—to help you assess the situation and understand your options. While you may think that there is nothing that can help your case, an attorney can often reveal otherwise.

The Holidays are a time to party and have fun. While it’s wonderful to have a great time with your loved ones, you must not lose site of judgement. Enjoying a drink or two at a party is okay, but be sure to be mindful of your ability to hold down alcohol and the drink’s alcohol content level. If you know you will be drinking, come to the party with a full stomach, and always be sure to assign a designated drive. Otherwise, you may need to enlist the help of a specialized attorney.