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Easy Steps for Professional Personal Statement Writing In 2019

Having to condense your achievements and aspirations, in a few words can be challenging. Sometimes, the difficulty comes from not knowing how to start your statement. It is an accompanying document that you may need to submit together with your resume, during your job search.

While you may find professional personal statement writers to do the job for you; it’s essential to identify the things that make a personal statement, exemplary. If you don’t know what or why; below is a brief explanation, to guide you:

Top Tips for Personal Statement Writing

Customize it

Many people fail to consider the fact that recruiters spend about 7 minutes on each personal statement. Also, taking the competitiveness of the market, you need to stand out from the crowd, by selling yourself succinctly.

That means, your ot personal statement has to reflect what the company is looking for. In that, you don’t use the same personal statement for all your applications. You can have a template that you tweak depending on the company and position you are applying to.

Make it Personal

It’s your chance to demonstrate the connection between you and the role that interests you. Therefore, you need to share details about who you are and why the reader should consider you for the position.

Also, the recruit wants to know what benefits you will bring to the company. It’s not all about you. Use your talents and relevant experience to showcase this.

Make a list of your accomplishments before writing, if you have to.

Share Your Career Goals

Your goals should match the position you are applying for; so, should your interests and qualifications. You can also share personal qualities that are relevant to the role. Touch on the transferable skills that you can bring to the table, too.

For those who have little to no practical work experience; leverage your accomplishments in academics.

Ideal Structure of a Professional Personal Statement

Start with a Hook

What you write in the content will determine whether the recruiter goes through your CV/ resume. Therefore, you need to hook the reader from the start. Give a brief professional summary of who you are.

It should include your Job Title, the number of years of work experience, and the expertise you have. Use active verbs and words. Avoid using clichés and unnecessary words. Vary the composition of your sentences so that you don’t use a lot of “I”.

Keep It Short

It’s okay to jot down all your thoughts in the first draft without worrying about the word count. However, you still need to cut down the content. It applies to the personal statement title, too.

Keep your paragraphs short, with two to three sentences. You will use your CV to expand on your successes. For an application, use 250-500 words in the material. If it’s a summary in your CV, then use 50-150 words.

State your Objective at the End

It’s good for a candidate to inform the employer of what they are looking for. It can be in the form of a career goal, for those in the early stages of their careers. Make it specific, if you are further along, in your work experience.

Whatever the case, ensure that it is in line with the role you are applying for.

Crucial Takeaways for Personal Statement Writing

It’s not all about you; the hiring manager also wants to know what you will bring to the team. Focus on highlighting your achievements and relevant experience. Avoid using buzzwords and clichés.

Finally, don’t forget to highlight what you expect on getting that role. Good Luck!