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A Great Manual On How To Paraphrase & Conclude In Your Paper

As you write your paper, you face two significant challenges; paraphrasing and concluding. They are some of the worst nightmares that any person is writing a paper face.

Paraphrasing skills enable one to obtain content from any site, without necessarily plagiarizing. It will be advantageous if you can do the paraphrasing on your own, but a professional paraphrase tool could help.

The conclusion of your paper plays a crucial role. It summarizes all that you discuss. It may also depict whatever you have deduced from the entire article. It is therefore somewhat critical that you know how to write a proper conclusion.

Why is paraphrasing important?

  1. It allows you to internalize the content that you write. It gives you a higher understanding, thus you can write the information n your way.
  2. It helps in keeping your urge to quote in check. Overquoting will make you work to lose its originality.
  3. It is generally better to paraphrase rather than quote it

How will you rephrase and conclude your work expertly? The following points will set you on a path to unplagiarize your work.

Rereading the source document

The first step in achieving mastery in paraphrasing is to understand the essence of reading your work. It allows you to get an in-depth understanding of what you are to write.

Once the data embedded in your brain, it is easier to offload it in your own words.

Setting the original text aside

It will enable you to explore your creativity and understanding. You will relay your information more efficiently and in the form that you want it to be understood. It is advisable to write it in an idea card.

The idea card will act as a rough copy of the final transcript that you intend to submit.

Scribble down important points

In every message, some keywords contain the content of the word. The same applies to your paper, writing down the keywords will help you recall the information.

Once the message-holding words are noted down, you can restructure the sentence any way you wish. Any paraphrase tool you want to use employs this technique.

Compare your work with the original

Check your rendition to the original document. It helps you in assessing whatever content you write. The information should relay the same message as the original. As you check against the original, you can decide to proofread the work at the same time.

Quotation marks

In some instances, you may find it hard to paraphrase your text entirely. It is in such situations that quotation marks come into use. The goal of paraphrasing is to eliminate plagiarism, as such, it is essential to include quotation marks.


The final part when it comes to paraphrasing is to add the sources of the content on your idea card, including the page. It allows you an opportunity to give credit to the owners of the material where you deem fit.

When it comes to writing the conclusion, the most important thing to remember is that the end is what you deduce from the content. Give your honest opinion, but remember to be objective. It should be relevant to the text.

It is advisable to have the conclusion before your writing. It acts as a guide throughout the entire writing process, as you are working towards a specific goal.