Advantages of Green Homes

‘Save The Environment’ is on the mind of every responsible citizen. We avoid plastics, abhor coal-powered energy and look for less-carbon technologies; we know that green homes can make a big difference from where we start our daily journey. Green homes are not just some latest fad that is sure to vanish some years down the line.

 World over and in India, environmentally-conscious homeowners are taking the ‘green’ stride into their future. Green buildings are good for the environment, resource efficient throughout their life cycle, and also easy on the pocket.

A normal home deals with your 800-1000 square feet of space. But, a green home is built with a much larger home: the planet earth with its 510 million square kilometres. Green homes efficiently use resources like power and water and minimize pollution. A green home is not just about the formality of a certification. A green home is one built for the future when less energy consumption and sustainable building will be a norm, than just a novelty.

Read on to know the advantages.

Lower resource use and cost

Buildings account for nearly 40% of India’s overall energy consumption. Also, over 60% of all buildings being developed in the country are residential projects. Clearly, our homes are a big drain on energy while building, but they need remain a drag. An effective use of site resources, water conservation, energy efficiency, handling of household waste, and optimal material utilization helps eco-friendly homes give a big fillip to environmental protection. There are several benefits, including attractive home loans that green homes offer to buyers and this considerably reduces the total cost of ownership.

The construction costs of green homes are the same as a standard building. It may seem that green homes cost a little bit more as they require special materials. Yet, regular building costs won’t stop after its construction since money will always be spent on maintenance, renovation, operation etc. Green homes too need maintenance, renovation, operation, but resource utilization means costs are a fraction (20-30%) of standard homes. Plus, proper use of green energies, water use etc. help green homes stretch the capacity of local infrastructure greatly.

Cheaper loans

An eco-friendly home also helps you get home loans at cheaper rates. Some financial institutions have come up with unique schemes for people who want to buy environment-friendly homes. This means housing loans for green homes can save you money.

A housing loan for an eco-friendly home gets the support that environmental-friendly residential projects deserve. They also encourage home buyers to be conscious of the environment. If you are applying for a housing loan from NBFC’s like Tata Capital, speak to them and explain your green home plan. You will be surprised to know that there are various concessions can be in form of reduced margins, lower interest rates and zero processing fee for green home loans.

Driven by the cost saving for home buyers and incentives offered by state governments, an increasing number of developers are now creating a green zone on their residential portfolios. Authorities, as well as the common home buyer, are realizing the tangible value proposition offered by green homes.

Gift for the future

Health and well-being of occupants is another big advantage of green homes. Such homes ensure minimum performance on daylighting and ventilation aspects. These are critical in a home. Green home buildings can also minimize the indoor air pollutants, which help your lungs.

With low cost and accessible home loan offerings, people should seriously consider taking green home loans. A standard home may be a gift for your family, but green homes are a legacy for future generations. They represent your long-term commitment to Planet Earth and its welfare.

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