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Bajaj EMI Card: Card Which Is Different From Credit Card

Bajaj EMI card is not a credit card now you can buy anything and pay bills on installments. Through this card, you can choose an easy repayment option no matter how big the expense is. It’s a pre-approved loan card and can be used to buy durables, gadgets, and more products. One can also use this card for hotel stays and holiday bookings.

It’s one of the smartest ways to fund your daily requirements without putting a lot of pressure in your pocket. Using bajaj EMI card, shop for products in over 50 categories across more than 25000 outlets in the world. This can avail any one of you, need to show minimal documents. To grab the bajaj finance card need to check features and benefits.

  • The loan amount on the card range from Rs 30,000 to Rs 3,00,000
  • It’s pre-approved loan and doesn’t function as a credit card
  • This organization can give you instant approval for financial support. Need to choose your EMI plan and allowance
  • They ask for minimal documents so that a large number of the audience can apply
  • It’s the best product for online shoppers because safe or easy
  • They provide a wide array of tenor options for the customers
  • There is no charge for the foreclosure of the loan
  • You should pay for fee and charges as per the bank’s norm

Bajaj EMI Card: Know The Basic Conditions Of Application

In the basic condition need to check online eligibility, KYC and application procedure. These are the facts should know before can apply and take all the benefits.

For Instant Approval Check Eligibility Factors

You should be according to the bank’s norm. Generally, 18 years is mandatory age proof and also show repayment capacity. This thing is necessary otherwise will not get approval. Your instant approval depends on CIBIL score. CIBIL score not less than 650. Your score can show your all spending behavior that’s why it’s important to maintain.

Your second step to provide KYC. As we talk earlier, they need minimal documents. For identity proof, need to submit voter ID, driving license and Aadhaar card. And for address should submit a recent electricity bill, phone bill, and passport.

Bajaj Finance Card Application Request

To apply for a Bajaj EMI card, should choose an online or offline method. For an online, should go to the official site and fill the application form and upload KYC as per the bank’s norm. And for the offline should visit the bank branch and fill the physical application form.

After submission of the application form, you can track through application status. Simply download or install. Put the application number with a registered mobile number within a second the exact place flash on your screen.

Bajaj Finance Card Customer Care Number

To clear your doubts the bank can provide, customer care services. You can have three option such as call, SMS, or write an email. Pick any of the options and clear your query with a prompt response.

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