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Reasons Why e-Counseling Works to Cure Depression – Should you Seek Help?

As per the American Counseling Association, more than 40 million Americans have been reported to suffer from mental illness and 15 million have been reported to have been suffering from such conditions which have compromised their career, happiness and major life events. Less than 4 among 5 people will get mental health services and 25% will cope with alcohol and drugs and 4% among them will think of suicide.

If you’ve not alarmed by the above mentioned statistics, you are in for some trouble. Although there are resources like from where you can seek help of online counselors, let’s check out how they can help you with curing depression.

#1: It’s a better alternative for the rural population

The way we travel from our homes to office has been taken for granted and we don’t understand the significance of the ease of such transportation options. What will the people do who are far away from city clinics and who need immediate counseling? For them, online counseling can be helpful as they just have to manage a computer and an internet connection to be able to speak to the counselor.

#2: The physically disabled can cure themselves of depression

You can’t deny the fact that there are several who suffer from symptoms of depression but who are also physically disabled at the same time. They have different issues regarding mobility and they find it tough to drive to places. When they’re restricted to their homes, what can be a better option than online therapy?

#3: The shy people can benefit from online counseling

There are many people who tend to suffer from depression but the main reason that they don’t seek help of people is that they’re shy and they don’t prefer speaking about their personal problems to someone unknown. They find the whole matter awkward and from this feeling stem an urge to fight depression on their own. Hence, this can be cured with the help of counseling via an online therapist.

#4: You get assistance 24X7

Even during the odd hours of day and night, you can get assisted by the counselor as he is bound to reply to your messages or chats no matter when you type your message. The adaptable schedule of the counselor will tend to match with your lifestyle and this is definitely going to help you out.

Therefore, when you’re thinking of how an e-counselor can help you with depression, make sure you keep in mind the above mentioned points and benefits.

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