Watch Your Steps When Online

Given the millions of people online at any moment, it should not be a surprise to hear identity theft is in play.

That said it is important for you as a consumer to do all you can to avoid becoming the next victim.

In the event you are an identity theft victim, your life can change. Such a change is definitely not going to be for the better.

With that in mind, are you watching your steps when online?

Take a Pro-Active Approach

For you to lower the odds of becoming a victim, you should look at what layers of protection you have.

For instance, do you have an identity theft protection provider watching out for you?

Such a provider can track your financial picture and alert you when something is not right. The goal of course being to give you a warning before your financial world is upside down.

If you have interest in a protection provider, start online by reviewing companies.

You can look at LifeLock reviews and others to see which ones offer the best protection at the best price.

Once you have chosen an I.D. theft protection provider, be sure to listen to them.

One of the worst things too many consumers do is be reactive instead of being pro-active.

Among some steps to take to protect you and your finances:

  1. Be wary of online setups – One trick many I.D. theft thieves use is to try and get consumers to open up email attachments. Such attachments can come with malware. Once the consumer opens up the email, they now have a virus on their computer. That virus can lead to a thief being able to get financial and other personal info off the consumer’s computer. In a short amount of time, the thief has the info they need to start trouble. If ever suspicious of an email or other online efforts to contact you, steer clear of them. And make sure if you have any children using the Internet to teach them to avoid contact with strangers. Not only could it be a predator trying to contact them, it could be a thief looking for family financial info.
  2. Be careful out in public – You go to your public library to use a computer to print some documents out. While there, you use credit card to cover the costs of such actions. You put in your credit card info at the computer before heading over to the printer not far away. The only problem is you left your credit card on the desk or table. In mere seconds, a thief can copy down the info and be on his or her way. Always guard your personal financial info when out in public.
  3. Be ready to shred documents when done – Last, always shred any documents when you no longer need them. Don’t throw documents, credit card or bank receipts etc. out without shredding. If a criminal gets that paperwork, they could have a field day with your financial life.

Safeguarding your financial life when online is as important as doing it when not on a computer.

With that being the case, are you doing all you can to keep the identity theft thieves away?

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