5 Best Second Language To Learn For Native English Speakers
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5 Best Second Language To Learn For Native English Speakers

Around the globe, English has been established as a lingua franca. However, in the professional world, employers are seeking to hire individuals who speak more than one language. Thus for native-English speakers, it may be time to learn a new language.

The reason one chooses to learn a second or more language varies from one to another. It could be for professional reasons, or just for pleasure. Either way learning a new language has numerous benefits to offer the learner.

You may have already decided to learn a second language. Then, come to the point where you need to choose, which one it is going to be. Just as you have particular criteria you use to select professional essay writing services for your needs, we will outline to you the best languages you can learn and why.

1. French

Though some may disagree, French is considered a romantic language. One of its most prominent benefits is the significant amount of shared vocabulary. Some French vocabulary is part of the English one.

For example, avant-garde to a la carte. The list is endless. There’s also various instances of word sharing from English to French. Throughout the lesson, you will find a few familiar words.

One big challenge you may face is pronunciation, at least that’s not a concern in professional essay. But it will become easier as you learn to replicate the accents you hear in pop culture. It is also an official language of the UN.

2. Mandarin

Many of us have interacted with products, services, and even people from China. In addition to this, China has a growing population and has a strong export base to the UK and US. Mandarin is the commonly spoken Chinese language.

In international banking or business, you could beef up your resume by learning the Chinese language. Mandarin isn’t only a critical language in the world; it is also a prized skill set.

3. Arabic

It is the 3rd most common language in the world. Not to forget that recent geopolitical events have forced Western world to familiarize itself with the Arabic world. It is a plus to know how to communicate in Arabic, especially those considering military or government jobs.

It can also be useful to those in the tourism and journalism industries. Knowing Arabic could help you penetrate the Middle Eastern Economy, which has grown tremendously over the years, by about 120%.

However, it is considered one of the hardest languages to learn. You will need all the motivation possible to conquer it.

4. Spanish

It is one of the go-to languages for English speakers. Its pronunciation is somewhat straightforward, and as a reasonably comfortable language to learn, you can do so, as you look for professional essay writers.

The tenses in Spanish often align with the ones we use in English, thus eliminating instances of confusion that may arise. After English, it is the most spoken language in the world.

Those seeking opportunities in Latin America and Spain, understanding Spanish could be an asset.

5. Portuguese

It is the 5th most spoken language, according to Wikipedia. It is widely spoken in Brazil and Portugal. And Brazil is among the world’s top ten strongest economies. Its rapid growth has influenced a strong partnership in trade with Europe and US.

Though it may not be in demand as Spanish, its usefulness is rising, mainly because Portuguese is the official language in Brazil. And Brazil is an emerging economy. It may be worth trying for those in logistics, business, or agriculture.


With many language options available to you, you have to identify what you hope to achieve. All in all, it is essential to learn a new language, and the good news is, it is never too late to start.

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