7 Most Efficient Solar Panel Brands In The Market

7 Most Efficient Solar Panel Brands In The Market

If you’ve always thought about investing in a solar system but have never got around to doing it because of the mindboggling number of choices, this is just the blog for you. With solar prices declining at a steady rate and people adopting this technology, it is the perfect chance for you to capitalize on this opportunity. Moreover, according to the Department of Energy, prices will go down even further by almost 60% by 2030. However, solar panels from a trusted source this year come with a lot of benefits, and this is why you should seriously start considering it.

If you’re perplexed with the dizzying number of solar providers, go through our list of seven brands which offer efficient systems that will help you save a lot.

  1. SunPower Solar Panels

Founded in 1985, SunPower is a leading brand in the solar panel industry. This company provides innovates solar system solutions to both residential and industrial clients and is trusted for the work they do. Though the prices for their solar panels are a little higher than the rest of the market, they provide premium panels that offer the efficiency of 19.5-21.5% which means you’ll be generating more power without having to install huge panels that take up a lot of space on your roof. Moreover, with SunPower’s 25-year warranty, you don’t have to worry about issues that come up with the panels.

  1. Jinko Solar Panels

China is the hub of solar panel development, and Jinko Solar is one of the companies that hail from the country. Founded in 2006, Jinko is a publicly-traded organization that is known to be a pioneer in the industry. Recently, Jinko Solar announced that it would be building a manufacturing plant in the U.S and this is particularly great news for customers looking for reliable solar panel options. With 8 product lines of solar panels that offer high efficiencies, this is the perfect brand for anyone looking for an experienced provider.

  1. LG Solar Panels

LG is a brand that’s not new to technology. The electronics company has more than 50 years of experience and is well known for the effectiveness of its products. LG solar panels are competitors of SunPower because they offer solutions with the same efficiencies of 21.1%. The Neon R was released in 2017 and is an alternative of SunPower’s panels. If you don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics of your home while increasing the competence, you can install the black version of the Neon R which is a delight to look at.

  1. Trina Solar Panels

Another brand that comes from China and which was founded in 1997 is Trina. This company is known to be the largest manufacturer of solar panels and has been listed on the Fortune list for the top 100 of the world’s fastest-growing companies more than once. Trina solar panels come with PERC technology which offers excellent performance in low sunlight and is resistant towards wind, hail, dust and salt sprays. You can choose any panel listed under the DUOMAX and ALLMAX brands according to your specific requirements.

  1. Yingli Solar Panels

Founded back in 1998, Yingli Solar is also one of the largest manufacturers of panels in the world. While the company is based initially in China, it has a regional research and development facility in California. Products provided under the YLM and YGE label offer residential solar panels and are available in the standard color or black models. One thing that sets Yingli apart from others is that you may know them since they were the sponsors of FIFA World Cup in 2014.

  1. Panasonic Solar Panels

If you’re looking for compact sized panels that can fit on your small roof effortlessly, you must invest in ones provided by Panasonic. This company is known for its high-end electronics and has been operational since 1918. With an efficiency of 19.7%, it will provide the power you require to run your entire household without hassle. If you’d like to go higher up, you can even decide to go for the models that have HIT panels and which provide efficiencies of about 22.09%!

  1. Canadian Solar Panels

Last, but not the least, on our list of the most efficient solar panel brands is Canadian Solar. This company was founded in 2001, and the panels are manufactured in Canada, China, and Vietnam. With panels that come under six lines, Canadian solar has the broadest range of options available, and with its KU Modules introduced in 2017, you can enjoy an efficiency of 19.15.

Before you decide to invest with any provider, remember that it is best if they are integrated with software such as scoop.solar which makes the installation process easy.

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