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5 Amazing Careers to Choose if You Want to Change the World

If you want to save the world but you can’t afford to quit your day job, it may be worthwhile to change your day job to something a little more in line with your ideals. It’s absolutely possible to make a real difference in something you’re passionate about while still being able to make a decent living.

If a career change is in order, consider working in a field that you can genuinely love.

1. Eco Design

Concern for the environment is growing. Every day, creative innovators make eco-friendly contributions to society. It doesn’t matter if you enter the field as an inventor, a green architect, or a contractor to install solar panels, you’re doing something to make renewable, sustainable resources accessible to the masses. These fields are only growing – as businesses and consumers continue to make the switch to eco friendly products, services, and resources, more and more experts will be needed to help facilitate the change.

2. Animal Conservation

As of now, there are well over 40,000 species on the IUCN’s Red List, meaning that their survival is threatened. Over 16,000 of those species are considered endangered, and that number is growing every day. There are plenty of careers for animal lovers, and if you’re an animal lover who wants to make a substantial difference in the world, you may find that research, rehabilitation, and conservation are the best routes to take. You can help bring a species back from the brink, or at the very least, reduce the threat level.

3. Working with At-Risk Youth

The future will always belong to the youth. Some day, they’ll be the adults responsible for keeping the world running. A few decades from now, today’s youth will be sitting at the table with the United Nations. They’ll be leaders of their countries and the CEOs of the companies we rely on for our products and services. If you become a youth worker, you can help disadvantaged young people realize their full potential. Who knows if you’ll be the one to mentor a future leader of the free world?

4. Writer

Most ideas are shared in writing. Whether you pursue writing as a journalist or a nonfiction author, you can raise awareness about important issues and events that may impact the course of world history. Sometimes, writing that changes the world comes in the form of fiction. Books like Uncle Tom’s Cabin and All Quiet On The Western Front were just stories, but they were stories that caused conversations so impactful that they forever changed social attitudes for the better.

5. Start a Charity

If you have a special cause that’s close to you and you feel like no one else is doing enough about it, you might just have to take things into your own hands. By starting your own charity, nonprofit, or outreach organization, you can lead the initiative to make a difference. There are plenty of underserved communities and underrepresented causes that could use a little more attention. If you’re willing to be their biggest champion, you can recruit others, spread awareness, and obtain the resources you need to solve a serious problem.

You won’t be able to change the world overnight, but every effort you make counts for something. Don’t expect to come out moving mountains when the ability to move a few molehills is more than most people will be able to accomplish.

About the author:

Audrey Robinson is an avid traveler and a careers expert. She enjoys sharing her stories and tips with young people on the verge of entering the workforce. If you wish to, feel free to reach out to her on @AudreyyRobinson.

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