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7 Online Resources That Can Help You Master Coding With Ease

Do you know how to code or are contemplating it? In this day and age that we are living in, coding has become one of the critical skills to master. Be it whether you want to venture into mobile application development, or merely blogging.

There are many avenues where you can learn this much-needed skills. Though some of the courses can be time-consuming and expensive, you can try out free online resources that are available. You may need to choose from PHP vs. ruby vs. python.

However, before you start thinking about the complexities of coding, below is a list to get you started:

1. Code Academy

Are you new to coding and would like to start on general concepts? Code Academy allows its users to learn in an interactive session the basics of coding. You read on a topic and have a quiz to answer before proceeding to the next topic.

It covers different areas of coding and may come in handy for your python programming assignment.

2. Coursera

It offers you a library courses based on coding. The lessons range from basic lesson to more advanced levels. All lessons are free, and they work in partnership with professors from different universities.

If you would like certification after completing a course, you will have to pay a small fee for it.

3. Free Code Camp

If you are looking for a community to learn to code, then, Free Code Camp could be for you. It is an open source resource. You will gain hands-on experience by working on projects for non-profits.

You can also participate in sessions where coders from around your area, share ideas. The guide throughout the challenges will help you learn.


Do you want to learn the basics of web development? You may want to learn through a different platform, e.g., YouTube. A channel by Will Stern who offers tutorials on different languages of coding, e.g., JavaScript.

You will also get the chance to familiarize yourself with the tools that others developers use.

5. SoftwareHow

If you are keen on reading as a way of learning, you should check out this blog. Get to learn about the software tools that you can use to solve the challenges you face in tech. You will also find guides, tips, and reviews on different software that are in existence.

6. Code Conquest

You may be held back from learning how to code by the various languages that exist. This website will guide you as you learn the basics of coding from their coding tutorials. They are free.

You will also be able to choose the coding language that you are comfortable with, and learn how to program using it.

7. SitePoint

It is a blog that covers a variety of topics. Be it HTML, entrepreneurship, or CSS. It publishes often, and you are likely to receive new perspective and insight in the world of coding, on a regular basis.

To aid your programming journey, you will find detailed information on the various coding languages.


Learning how to code isn’t a reserve for techies only. You can find delight in these resources as you seek python homework help.

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