All You Need To Know Before Getting A Gel Manicure
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All You Need To Know Before Getting A Gel Manicure

There have been many time, you have tried lot more nail manicure with different types of nail polishes. But, have you tried gen manicure yet? If not, then, this article will help you to know more about gel manicure. It is equally important to know anything before applying and same goes with gel nails.

The uv gel nails are the fake nails that is placed over your natural ones. They can be used for two purposes to cover your natural nails or to give a beautiful extension. So, when you want longer nails, gel manicure is the perfect for you.

Below stated facts are the detailed exaggeration about gel Manicure.

All You Need To Know Before Getting A Gel Manicure

Gel manicure is not acrylic

Many girls mistakes gel manicure with acrylic one that is totally an illusion. The acrylic nails are made with liquid monomer and polymer powder that is immersed in solvent to lengthen the nail and to create a strong top layer on the nails. However, gel nails are of two types hard gel and soft gel and are only for the nail extension.

You can remove it at home

Usually, many nail artists offer an expensive nail removal and in gel manicure it is even the high. There are many ways that will help you to remove the gel nails at home with proper care. You can buy an acetone or gel remover from any beauty store near you. It is easy to apply on your nails, just dip a cotton into the remover and place it on your nails and wrap each nail in tin foil and leave for 10-15 minutes (also depends on your gel can take more time) and than when crumbling start, clean it with a gentle rubber-ended cutical.

At-home gel kits

There are many brands available in the market who provide the gel-kits to apply at home with tiny LED lamps. They can even be great idea to try first and get use-to with this nail art. It can be helpful when you don’t have much time to go salon.

Lasts for 2-3 weeks

One of the benefits of gel manicure is that it lasts for longer. Generally, you can expect the longevity of 2-3 weeks which is enough to stay glamorized with your alluring nails. The gel manicure is the perfect solution when you have one-by-one events lined up in a row.

Gel manicure with UV radiation protection

Last but not the least! It is true that many conventional nail art were more prone to UV radiation reflection but nowadays it has become less. Many brands provide LED curing to control the UV emergence.

So, girls! You’re done with all information about the gel manicure, give a try and enjoy the excitement!

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