How To Enrich Your Vocabulary Day-By-Day

How To Enrich Your Vocabulary Day-By-Day

Ever had a moment where you have to cudgel your brain, to sum up, your thought using the appropriate word(s)? Many people may encounter this especially when I writing or speaking. When we were kids, we were eager to learn new vocabulary, to be able to communicate.

Now that we are grown and over the ages 11 to 12 years, the rate at which we are picking new words is significantly declining. Whatever career path you are in, accurate, concise and effective communication is essential to the success of the business. Be it in writing or speech.

Just as it is easy to access the best paraphrasing tool, online, so can you learn new vocabulary on a daily basis. The following are ways to achieve this:

Read and Read some more

Start by reading materials that you enjoy. You don’t have to go for literary works of some of the greatest English wordsmiths, e.g., Shakespeare. Read novels, magazines, newspaper articles, etc., even if it’s just for twenty minutes each day.

Go outside your comfort zone once in awhile. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can try reading the political news section of the newspaper. When you come across new words, try to derive their meaning from the context used.

Check the actual meaning on the dictionary. By reading through different genres of books, and come across various ways a particular word, using the automatic paraphraser has been used; you gain more confidence in incorporating the words in your daily vocabulary.

Jot it down in a Journal

To keep track of the new vocabulary that you learn, keeping a word journal could come in handy. Each time you come across a new word, note it down for reference later. As you refer to your word journal, integrate the words into your vocabulary, slowly but surely.

You will realize that you retain most of the new words learned and it will keep you motivated to discover more and more. You can use synonyms or symbols to remind you of the definition of the word. Where possible, give it an example.

Play word games

I believe that learning should be fun and I should look forward to it. It doesn’t have to be a rigid process. You can also learn new words through games. You can opt for words games such as Scrabble, Crossword puzzles, Boggle, Anagrams, or word jumble.

As you play, if a friend suggests a word that you don’t know its meaning, ask them to expound on it. Get to understand the possibilities and increase your awareness of language. Pick one word that is frequently used in your field, explore all the word forms that apply to it. Add it to your vocabulary.

Invest in a Dictionary and Thesaurus

Keep a dictionary close by to where you do your reading. For each new word that you check its meaning, read through the whole entry. A single word can hold several purposes. Circle each word that you look up to make it easy to review them later.

If a particular word is used commonly, get a thesaurus, if you are writing down a message to pass across, you can use word’s inbuilt thesaurus. Learn the different alternatives that may apply without changing the meaning of the word you would have used.


If you need a paraphrase converter, you can access it online but to learn new vocabulary, you have to purpose to do so. There are vocabulary enhancement apps and websites that are available to use, e.g., A Word A Day (AWAD), get a dictionary, and use the thesaurus to improve your vocabulary.


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