Packing Valise To Athens: What Do The Greeks Wear?

Packing Valise To Athens: What Do The Greeks Wear?

What is Greek fashion? What does it mean? What do people used to wear in Greece? The first thing that you remember is probably elements of the traditional Greek style – Greek haircuts, tunic, chlamys. But now, it is time to speak about the modern Greece – what do they wear? So, there is a question – what do you have in your wardrobe to take to your Greek trip? Greece is not only the beach vacation, but the mountain and water tourism, walking and climbing, surfing and hiking.

Greek Style

It is better to start with the modern people. Actually, Greek style is the same as European. Young people always wear jeans, adults used to wear costumes, dresses for special occasions and jeans and pants for everyday life. So, if you take something from your clothes, you feel absolutely normal and typical for locals.

MARY YOUNG Two Year Anniversary Party – MARY YOUNG – at free, Toronto – October 12, 2016 – Photographed by Alanna Joanne/Mainstream


Hot season (June-August) in Greece

These months are the hottest in Greece. You can get some cool air only in the mountain regions. So, you have to take everything for the beach vacation: light dress, shorts, pants, T-shirts and tunics. You can also take a jacket or long sleeves shirt in case of storm. As you know, stormy weather is rather cool.

May-June and September

The temperature in June is often hot. The temperature in May and September is also hot but capricious. It can be rain for few days. In general, the days are long and hot. You can go swimming and hiking. You can easily go to see the city attractions. So, you should take everything for hot weather in addition to the pants, jacket and long sleeves clothes. Never forget to take umbrella. Speaking about shoes, it is not enough to take slides and sandals. You should also take the closed shoes.


April and October are surprising months. If the weather is sunny and warm, you may go swimming and take much pleasure of it. Nevertheless, the nights are cool. It can be often rain. You should take something warm for spring and autumn: T-shirts and shirts if it is hot and jackets and sweaters if it is cool or rainy.


Winter is cold. It can be rain or snow. The days are sunny but still cool. So, you should take warm clothes, pants, boots and jackets. Greeks do not wear fur coats. You may wear stylish hat and scarf. If you came to Greece and forget something from your wardrobe, you can easily buy clothes right here. The season of winter sales starts from January, 15 and lasts till the end of February. You can have amazing shopping and buy clothes for sale.

MARY YOUNG Two Year Anniversary Party – MARY YOUNG – at free, Toronto – October 12, 2016 – Photographed by Alanna Joanne/Mainstream


As a rule, tourists and experienced travellers take just a couple of things in their bag. You can buy all you need in Greece. This is a chance to buy something light, unusual, interesting. Where? It is time to meet the most popular shops where you can go shopping. Of course, it is difficult to mention just one or another clothes brand. Nevertheless, you can always buy something for shoes and clothes here: made in Greece and European brands, as you wish.

They are: Bill Cost, Raxevsky, Lussile, More&More, Julia Bergovich, Forel, VS, Izatis, Lynne, Attrativo, Toi&Moi, Mia & Lucifair, Vertice, Phenomenon, Pink Woman, Derpouli, MAT Fashion, Idea Fashion, LAK, Passager, Voi Noi, Bonn, Sarah Lawrence, Miss Denim, Rebecca Blu, Mexx, Olsen, Tsakiris Mallas. You can easily find something to dress for different figures and forms.

Underwear brands are: Minerva, Parisienne, Luna, Mary Lingerie, UR Underwear, Ziros, Claire Katrania, Pen-Ky, Regi, Mad, Intimissimi. There are many local brands to buy shoes: Migato, Elite, Boxer, Gianna Kazakou, Haris Kazakos, J. Bournazos, Haralas, Tsakiris Mallas, NAK Shoes. If you want jewelry, bags and accessories, go to Accessorize, Achilleas Accessories, Alexi Andriotti.

MARY YOUNG Two Year Anniversary Party – MARY YOUNG – at free, Toronto – October 12, 2016 – Photographed by Alanna Joanne/Mainstream

Brand Clothes

Of course, Greek shops boast the most of the world popular brands. Where can you find them? Hire a car in Athens and go to the central city region Kolonaki Square and in the best visiting shopping mall the Golden Hall. Such interesting proposal as shop-in-shop is widely popular here. These are the few shops of different brands of shoes and clothes on the territory of big shopping centers. For example, they are Fokas, Attica, Vardas. The best elite clothes you can find in Vardas.

Cheap Clothes and Shoes. Stocks and Outlets

Such world-popular brands as Marks&Spenser, H&M, GAP, Zara are also popular. Speaking about Zara, the clothes in the Greek shop differs from the clothes of the same brand in Europe. What is more, you can find a lot of smaller brand shops that you can find only in Greece, such as Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho. If you want to buy something cheap for active travelling, you may visit SPRIDER STORES. They are also popular in China.

How about visiting stock shops? Oh, Greek capital offers a unique opportunity to buy a unique brand clothes from the past collection for cheap. The sales are really good. There are two big local outlets – Factory Outlet. If you go to Greece for the first time, you can use e-shops to know what is what, including prices and popular models. By the way, there is a new interesting shop not far from the city airport – McArthurGlen. You can have a big sale here.

If you like brand clothes but you do not want to overpay, you should go to the best-visiting city region to Agia Brabara. What can you find there? Oh, it’s amazing. There are two-three little shops where you buy the high quality fakes that look like the brand clothes and accessories. Thus, this stylish and interesting Burberry fake is about 50 EYR. What a price!

AS you can see, such words and fashion and style are good for the fashion show. Casual clothes can be different. Travelling to Greece, try to pack the comfortable season clothes items that are good for you. No rules, no recommendations! Lust look out of the window and dress what you like.