4 Ways To Make Money While Studying In College

College is no less than a full-time job, but it does allow for a lot of flexibility. Plus, college studies are expensive. Even if you have the means to pay for it, it never hurts to have a backup plan. Earning money while in college is a high priority for a lot of students.

However, one does need to have some knowledge of the means of earning for a college student. You have to look at your own skills and talents, as well as the time you can spare. Below are a few methods in which college students can earn some cash. This would help them become more productive and responsible as well.

1. Online Businesses

You may craft as a hobby, or have some connection that allows access to wholesale goods. Even if you don’t have either, there’s always something you can supply to people. You can hence create a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, or an Instagram account to showcase your goods.

Some good ideas for starting a business could be home décor items, such as cushions. You can also get mugs or keychain customized at a shop and sell them for a profit. If you have regular access to a kitchen and are good at cooking or baking, this could be a lucrative setup too.

Of course, the business can operate offline as well. There are several chances for selling your goods within a college campus. Several events may allow you to rent your own stall. If the word gets around, you could even have people coming up to you and asking about your wares!

2. Tutoring

If you are good at studies, chances are that your college mates would love to get a few pointers. You don’t always have to provide your services for free. There are many college students willing and able to pay for help with assignments, papers, tests, and exams. If you live on or near campus, you can have a few hours set aside for tutoring and getting paid for it.

You may also offer tutorials on certain subjects that are difficult to understand. If you can’t find anyone willing to pay for your teaching on campus, seek out students of lower levels. There may be a high school or middle school student who would gladly pay for tuition in more basic subjects. Since you already know the material, you can help them along the rough parts.

3. Blogging

Blogging is a great hobby; it’s enjoyable as well as possibly lucrative. You don’t even have to write much every day, but you do have to update regularly in order to keep people interested. The more followers and readers you have, the more you can earn from your blogging. This may even help you in starting your professional career once you graduate.

The most popular way of earning through blogs is with Google Adsense. Basically, you get advertisements on your blog and get paid when your visitors click on them. Another way of earning is by getting contracts with certain brands and mentioning them on your blog.

4. Freelancing

This is a profession that is gaining popularity among those who don’t want to be tied down. In a nutshell, freelancing is when you use your talent and skills to work for a client for as long as a project takes. This could include writing articles, designing websites, data entry, and much more.

The beauty of freelancing in college is that you get to pick your own timing. You can work at night, in between classes, and during semester breaks. However, it may take some time to build up a decent client base with the proper pay. Another great advantage is that you would have some stable clients when you graduate and can continue from there.


Working while in college has several benefits other than earning money. You gain a lot of work experience that looks excellent on your CV. What’s more, you get a hang of working for yourself, not to mention the valuable connections you make early on. Hence, every college student should try to earn money in some way while studying. Even if it’s not a substantial amount, it would still make things easier for you.

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