10 Free Marketing and Social Media Classes To Elevate Your Skills Today

10 Free Marketing and Social Media Classes To Elevate Your Skills Today

Online marketing demands that you have several skills for you to achieve desirable results. The skills can be obtained through several media present online. There are several courses and best essay topics offered over the internet that can improve your digital marketing skills. Let us take a short look at some 40 of the most effective courses below:

  1. Introduction to Social Media Strategy

This is a 45-minute course offered by Skillshare and created by Buffer. The course helps one develop skills on how to craft a winning social media strategy in order to be successful online. Some of the topics covered include the basics of social media, curating and creating content, advertising, and so on.

  1. What Is Social?

This is an online course meant for executives, business owners, and marketing experts. It improves their ability to come up with even better social media strategies through understanding the basics of social media. It was developed by Northwestern University and is being offered by Coursera.

  1. Social Media Monitoring

A course meant for people of all skill levels, it was coined by Eric Schwartzman and is being offered by Coursera. This course offers one the skills that they need to stay at the top of online marketing, figuring out what’s new and trending or outdated. Topics include Google related searched, alerts and the gains, use of keywords, and so on.

  1. The Business of Social

Developed by Northwestern University and being offered by Coursera, this course is meant for social media managers, business owners and marketers looking to derive value from social media marketing. That means developing a business objective that relates to a social media marketing strategy, putting in investments and expecting returns.

  1. Social Media Ethics

A course meant for beginners, it was developed by Eric Schwartzman and can be accessed from Coursera. It provides a guideline on how people can ethically go about marketing, networking and conversing online while also adhering to set laws.

  1. Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking up Clients

Created by Brian Yang and offered by Udemy, this course is meant for those with intermediate skill level. Marketers and business owners learn tricks and tips to picking up clients that go beyond the basics of marketing.

  1. Hub Spot Inbound Certification

Created and offered by HubSpot, this course has a total of 12 classes where one gets to learn on inbound, email and content marketing, inbound sales techniques and so on. They give actionable tips to help one with inbound marketing.

  1. Facebook Blueprint

Offered by Facebook and created by Blueprint learning, this is a course necessary for agencies, advertisers, marketers, and businesses across all skill levels. The course specifically helps with developing the requisite skills for running a successful Facebook ad on your page.

  1. Digital Analytics Fundamentals

A 4-6 hour course for grasping web analytics offered by Google Analytics Academy. This course is meant for individuals with intermediate or advanced skills. Topics covered include:

  • Fundamental digital measurement models
  • Basic principles of digital analytics
  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) University

Developed and offered by WordStream, PPC University helps one grow their Pay Per Click and digital marketing skills. This online resource also offers additional modules for social advertising skills. You can learn on the go as it’s mobile friendly.

Hope these courses will be useful for you!

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