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What To Do When You See Your Compromised Photos On The Internet

The twenty-first century has seen an unbelievable hike in the usage of internet and involvement of people on the social media. With this, there is also a rise in the cyber crimes and cyber bullying. One of the most common types of cyber crime is Non-consensual pornography, which means leaking somebody’s nude photos on the internet without their consent. There have been thousands of such stories where the victim had their reputation completely destroyed because of this cyber crime.

Also commonly referred to as “revenge porn,” this cyber crime has become more common with the extensive use of social media. So one must learn how they can protect themselves from such reputation destructing cyber crimes.

Steps to Stay Safe

There are a lot of ways by which one can prevent their compromised photos get leaked online.

  • Avoid taking pictures or videos of yourself in an undressed stage. If you have taken such pictures, then do not share them with anyone no matter how much you trust them. Make sure that you do not post a single photo on the internet as it wouldn’t take much time to get distributed further.
  • If anyone takes an intimate or private photo of yours, then tell them to delete it. Whether it is your boyfriend or a close friend, do not hand over your photo to them in any case.
  • If you are at a party and unknowingly someone takes a photo of you, then tell them to delete it immediately. If they do not do so, then don’t get intimidated by them. Tell your parent and police about it and they will take care of it.
  • There are many photographers who might offer you to pose for them in compromising poses and promises you to make a star. Never trust them blindly and check their background and credentials before signing up for anything.

What to Do if the Photo Goes Online?

If you have become an unfortunate victim of revenge porn, then instead of getting embarrassed and ashamed, you should stand your ground and make sure that you get justice. Firstly, get your photo removed from the public domain.

After the photo is permanently removed from the internet, it is advisable to contact a cybercrime lawyer. Though every situation is different, a perfect legal advice can only be given by a legitimate cybercrime lawyer who has dealt with such cases before.

Do not panic and respond quickly. There are severe and tough punishments for cyber crime offenders. All you need to do is hire a lawyer and claim against the offender. As per the law of your local government body, the offender would be charged and will be given the punishment accordingly.

There have been thousands of cases of non-consensual pornography over past few years. With the rise in the use of the internet, such cases have also become very common. So all you can do is be very careful while using the internet and not standing back if you become a victim of such a crime.

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