Exciting Treasure Party For The Whole Family

There are many activities that the whole family can perform and one of them is the great “treasure hunt”. It is a good opportunity for children under 12 and it can be both challenging and exciting for them. There are creative things that parents could add during this activity. In fact multiple families can participate, ensuring that the whole activity can be even more exciting to do. Parents often wonder what they should do during certain special family occasions and treasure hunts could properly educate children about many things. It is a low cost and simple way to entertain everyone. In fact, it is something that adults can also play. A well planned treasure hunt should allow us to do many things, while promoting interaction with many people, including other children. To make a treasure even more interesting, parents could prepare a backstory, children will feel that they are embarking on a new adventure. The hunt should be tricky enough, so children won’t easily have a clear idea about the probably location of the treasure box. There are a number of themes that we can implement during the treasure hunt. As an example, if it’s for girls; we may choose princess-themed treasure hunts. In this case, we may choose a backstory that a princess’s jewel has been stolen and any girl who is able to recover it will be rewarded by the kingdom. The jewelry could be a gem made from plastic inside the jewelry box.

When the reward is awarded to the winner of the hunt; we may use the kingdom theme. The award could simply be chocolate bars, candies or school supplies. There are other themes and decorations that we can use as well, such as holiday, pop idols, superheroes, cartoon characters, fantasy and others. In this case, the decoration we choose should appeal the participants, so they will feel real excitement. Bright and colorful decorations should be quite affordable, but they will be able to significantly complement the treasure hunt activity. Children could also be asked to create the decorations of the treasure hunt event. As an example, for pirate-themed treasure hunt; children may use pirate costumes. Another important tool is a treasure map that provide vague clues about the location of the treasure. It means that, parents should be smart enough to make the treasure hunt game particularly challenging. As an example, other than giving an incomplete treasure map, there are riddles that children need to decipher to complete the puzzle about the location of treasure. There could be small treasures that can help children stay motivated, such as coin-shaped chocolate with gold foil, that children can find when they can complete each stage of the treasure map. There could be multiple paths for a single treasure, so different teams will be able to work independently, without crossing each others path. It is important for parents to ensure that children are able to build creativity and do thing better. This will become a truly memorable and fantastic activity that children will remember for the rest of their lives.

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