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How Foods Could Cause Overactive Bladder Problem?

Many people are affected by overactive bladder and it’s not a good thing. If we urinate often, then there’s something wrong with our bladder. There are some kinds of food that can cause bladder issues and increase the urge for urination. Obviously, food isn’t only the cause of overactive bladder, but even if there’s other cause, it is still a good idea to avoid certain types of food. As an example, we should reduce the consumption of tomato-based products. Tomatoes contain a lot of acids, which can cause irritation inside the bladder. In order to remove the acidic irritant, we will urinate more often. Coffee is also a common cause of overactive balder due to the presence of caffeine inside our body. If we need coffee, we should choose the decaf varieties.

Chocolate can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on the way it’s used. Regardless of the variants, chocolate is rich in theobromines which can cause irritation inside the bladder. If we urinate often after consuming chocolate, then we should reduce its consumption. Citrus acid is also healthy, but its acidity may cause problems on some people. The same also applies with grapefruits, limes, oranges, lemons and other acidic fruits. Spirits like wine and beer could draw a quantity of water from out of our body and cause more frequent urination. Soft drinks are mostly bad and good only if we need to have sudden injection of sugar for high physical activities and we don’t have other alternatives. They could also trigger abnormal bladder functions.

Hot spices can cause problems with our bladder, so we should be moderate in the usage of jalapeno, cayenne and others. For some people, this could cause them to hop to the bathroom too frequently, which is not a convenient thing to do. The capsaicin in those peppers is irritant to the bladder and our body tries to flush it out. Sweeteners like Sweet N Low, Splenda and Equal could cause the over stimulation of the bladders, as well as various seasoning, such as salt, pepper and MSG. Dill and oregano are known for their slightly diuretic action, which should be avoided by some people. It is clear that people have different reactions to different kinds of foods, so it is important to keep track of our diet and the resulting symptoms. If a food seems to cause overactive bladder than others, then we may need to avoid it. If the problem is bad enough, it is a good idea to eliminate it completely.

Even if we have overactive bladder, it is important to drink more water to flush out any irritant from our urinary system. We need to drink more if we sweat a lot. Also, water will dilute irritants in our body, so we won’t have less effect from them. If the problem persists, it is important to visit the doctor to get the proper evaluation. By doing this, we should be able to our problem under control, as long as we have good medication and we eat the right kind of food, until our condition improves.

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