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Skque Products Launches Safer Hoverboard

Safer HoverboardSkque Products, a business in Irwindale, CA, is proud to announce that they are one of the first companies to sell the new UL 2272 certified hoverboard/self-balancing scooters. These models have been long awaited as they have been deemed to be much safer than any other hoverboard so far developed. Furthermore, the company has been able to stock a range of different models, some of which have added features such as Bluetooth connectivity.

Skque Products says: “Hoverboards are so incredibly popular. We believe that manufacturers tried to make them come true before the anniversary of Back to the Future, and this means that they rushed things through. We’ve all heard of boards exploding and catching on fire, after all. We stock the new UL 2272 certified boards, which are greatly improved models with a strong focus on overall safety.”

Being UL 2272 certified, the hoverboards have fire resistant coating. The new outer shell ensures that if there is to a fire it will remain contained within the casing. The chassis is also much stronger to prevent it from snapping in half. The wiring is also thicker and of better quality. The motherboard has been improved to better regulate the voltage with the aim of preventing the board from overheating. Lastly, the boards have a smarter battery charge, which means the charging process is halted once the battery is full. Overcharging has been a particular problem with other boards and has now been resolved.

Those who have purchased the new UL 2272 boards have been very pleased. “My son bought this with his own money he saved and he loves his hoverboard,” says Todd on the company’s website. “He is twelve and rides it all the time. It runs around the house and outside through grass, yards and to the playground. It plays music from his phone over the internal speakers quite loud even. I have ran around on it many times and it works great. I’m over 200 lbs and it doesn’t have a problem.”

The company says that the self balancing scooters are quickly increasing in popularity. They are set to become one of the hottest items this year.