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How To Practice Your Golf Swing At Home

Golf is one sport that’s fun and easy to engage in, but the thing is, not everyone has the time to go to a golf driving range to practice. In fact, a lot of people prefer practicing their golf skills at home. If you’re like most golfers and barely have the time to practice, or like some who don’t practice for months at a time, wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to practice at home?

3 Tips for Improving Your Golf Swing at Home

Practicing every other month won’t improve your skills. Even if you have a great deal of natural talent, you still need to practice well in order to improve on that talent. Practicing at home is the best thing for those that find it difficult to go to a golf driving range. And to make things better, there are some simple ways to ensure that your home game practice brings out the best in your skills. Understanding and utilizing these steps are quite easy to the point that you can start right away. Let’s walk you through some of the practice steps you need to take in order to improve your golf swing efficiently.

Instead of focusing on fancy tools for improving your golf swing, like cameras, impact bags, or training clubs, we’re going focus on the basics – form and technique.

How To Practice Your Golf Swing At Home

Improve Your Takeaway

In order to have a good swing, you need to ensure that your takeaway is top-notch. You can improve your takeaway by using a basketball. What you’ll do is hold the basketball in a position where you’ll be looking straight down at the black lines. Then take your normal golfing stance; ensure that your left shoulder is a little higher than your right and also make sure your right elbow is a little bent. Once you’ve taken this stance and you’re comfortable with it, practice your takeaway. If you do this correctly, your forearms will experience no rotation and the ball lines will still be pointing towards you at the end of your takeaway.

Perfect Your Release

This can also be achieved through the use of a basketball. Perfecting your release simply refers to how the angle that’s stored in your wrist while you’re taking the backswing is “released” on impact. This is especially beneficial if you are looking to get some vital clubhead speed and some improved accuracy. So how do you go about this? What you’ll do is get the basketball and practice your swing as before. Now, however, as you practice make sure you release the ball immediately after releasing the angles in your wrists. Doing this will allow the ball to go right in the direction of your target. If you release the angle too soon, otherwise known as casting, the ball will leave your hand too soon and dive off to the right.

Plane & Posture Check

This drill will illustrate where the club should be when you are halfway into the backswing. You’ll be needing a mirror for this part. What you’ll do is place the mirror behind you, stand upright and ensure that the club is stretched out before you. Once you’ve done this, move the club back in such a way that the sole is directly proportional to the mirror. Once you’ve achieved this, take your normal golfing stance; you can get the right golfing stance by hinging your upper body at the hips over the ball and flexing your knees. Getting it right will provide you with the perfect posture and the half way back position. Try implementing this when you’re taking your swing.

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