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Gaming Always In Your Pocket: 10 Free Slot Games For Android

Gambling could be great source of pleasure and entertainment. Its a game of great guesses as some of the times you face defeat and some of the time you got a victory and won prize money also. You can do gambling by sitting in the casino bars and you can also do gambling at online casino https://automatenherz.com/online-casino/ or by playing Android games.

You can find out some fascinating gambling based games on the Google play store. If you are a gambling lover than this list of the games can be your choice. You should give a try to these apps if you really enjoying gambling.

Let’s have a look at the list 10 Free Slot Games for Android of these gambling based games.


First on the list is DraftKings it is a gambling based game app. You have to pay and join a league into the game. As the game going forward you have to win the league in order to win the prize money also. The other sports can also be play including football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and others. Lots of people are enjoying this game and their game features. The leagues are very easy to enter and play, as the prize money also is easy to placed on the league that you are playing.

GSN games

GSN games is the another Android gambling based game on the Google play store. The game is developed by GSN games inc. GSN games brings you the best casino action at your door. You can joined number of casino and place your bet around the world. You will have free poker and live casino actions right into this android gambling based game.

Solitaire Deluxe

This gambling game will give the variety of games inside the game. This game walk you through some great extent of casino experience. Solitaire is a card pack game provide you 16 more card packs games within it. This game is developed by Mobile deluxe company. Solitaire or Patience, or Free Cell, Tripeaks, Pyramid, Spider, or more, Solitaire Deluxe containing all the feature that you are looking for, including exclusive easy read cards designed to be the easiest cards to see on any android device.

Gaming Always In Your Pocket: 10 Free Slot Games For Android


FanDual is just like DraftKings having same logic and game system. You will have to enter into the any league that you want by paying some money. After when you got entry into the league then you have to win the league in order to collect the prize money. This game is developed by Fandual sports company.The app has many leagues like basketball, football seasons all the action will be yours in terms of gambling. Since it the category of gambling you play this at your responsibility.

World series of poker

World series of poker is the most popular best android gambling game on the Google play store. World series of poker game contains series of tournaments, matches and leagues that you can play online with other members of the game. The best feature of the game is that you can play all the matches anonymously no one will know your name or the identity. All the feature are under the security measure since this is a gambling game. This game is developed by Playtika card developer’s. You will get free chips to play this game after
every four hours. Those hard challenges with the greatest poker players making this game is more popular. If you want to play poker tournaments you should give it a shot.

Yahoo Fantasy sports

Yahoo fantasy sports app is well organised gambling based game. People can bet on the leagues of different sports categories.


Zynga developed by the company that made farmville. Farmville got very success as every person in the world knows about this who loves gaming. This game also has a bunch of slot games.

Mywavia Studios

Mywavia studios is another gambling game which holding different types of gambling action. This game got 100k downloads on the play store making this more popular game.

Christmas Bingo Santa Gift

This game provide number of slot to do gambling and plus it provide number of prizes as you win the game leagues.

Rating slots

Rating slot is the last gambling android game on the list. This game has good graphics and sounds. All you have to bet and spin the drums according to that you will get your prize.

Author of this article is professional gamer Patrick Roth. Patrick is from Berlin, but he likes to travel around the world and visit different casinos. He is also a gaming blogger and guest writer.