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Top 5 Products At Concerts

Successfully market at concerts with the top five products every concert goer wants. Capitalize on your advertising dollars, whether you are the band who is trying to get your music into the charts, or you own a business sponsoring the event. These mementos will have the attendees talking about your brand, long after the excitement of the last encore is nothing but a special memory.


Selling music at a concert is a must for bands or brands wanting to become a household name. This includes the most current album produced, as well as older recordings. If the spectators enjoy the show, easy access to more of the performers’ music will boost your fan base. Include sponsors’ names on the packaging, covering, or inside leaflets for the greatest exposure for businesses invested in the concert.


Another easy concert marketing product is T-Shirts. Sell some sporting the band, albums, or tour dates to make an instant memento from the night. Sponsors get in on the advertising by being included in the design for tour shirts, or by creating their own shirts to sell or give away featuring their brands. Other big sellers include long sleeve shirts, as well as hoodies, and sweatshirts.

Top 5 Products At Concerts


When it comes to accessories, anything fans can wear to declare their love for a band will sell at concert venues. Think outside of the shirt arena, and consider putting logos on hats, wallets, and even jewelry pieces. Check out the newest in LED products you can customize, such as the wristbands, lanyards, and other light-up gear from XylobandsUSA.

Coordinate the whole event with matching LED tabletop accessories, glowballs, and other colorful decorations to turn your concert into a room of magical wonder. Everyone at the concert will want to be included in the display, making your band or brand stand out across the room.


Autographs are great marketing products at concerts. Many fans will want to get their hands on an autographed item from their idols. Anything can be signed and sold, including albums, press photographs, shirts, and other wearable gear. Other autograph ideas include music sheets, tour brochures, or biography books containing little-known facts about the band members. Even specially signed programs detailing the night’s set can be a big seller at a packed venue.

Other Mementos

Along with traditional items, choose advertising products to fit the style of the concert. For example, if it is being touted for families or as a romantic night for couples, include a photo booth for attendees to take pictures of the big night. A small logo on the bottom of the prints is all you need to be imprinted on the minds of the fans.

Think outside the box and market your company’s philosophy along with your brand. Sell reusable shopping bags if the band or sponsors are involved with environmental issues, or offer colorful shoelaces to highlight footwear businesses or charity walks. Think inside the box by offering actual boxes of samples from any product line that needs a larger customer base.

Keep your advertising strategy fresh and innovative to be a hit at every event. Use these top five products for concerts to gain new fans anywhere you play.

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