Woman Purple Maternity Dress

How To Dress During Pegnancy Without Sacrificing Style

Pregnancy clothing is no longer designed to conceal the belly bump and make moms to be appear akin to some sort of picnic table. Nowadays, the tops and bottoms that pregnant women can choose from are stylish, sophisticated and fun, allowing pregnant women to retain their stylish sensibilities throughout their 9 month term as their body goes through its natural changes. Far from revealing everything, modern maternity wear accentuates a pregnant woman’s best features while downplaying others. Some clothes highlight curves with a flirtatious playfulness. Others leave an air of mystery that attracts the curiosity of passers-by. Over the span of a few short decades, maternity clothes have evolved from frumpy to fashionable.

In this article, I will introduce you to some of the basics when it comes to picking out and wearing attractive pregnancy wear. I’ll get things started by explaining the fundamentals of looking great while feeling comfortable in your unfamiliar new outfits. I’ll also be offering up some useful tips when it comes to wearing lingerie and shoes, as well as providing a few handy suggestions for making the most of your maternity wardrobe.

Don’t Forget The Fundamentals

Every mother to be’s closet should have at least one or two pairs of good quality jeans as these make for excellent day to day wear. As jeans are fairly hard wearing by their very nature, you can get a few days in a row’s worth out of each pair before having to alternate them. No less than ten years ago, pregnancy “jeans” were anything but. They were made from a material that was a distant cousin to denim and, while practical, often looked out of place in an outfit. Today, a wide plethora of maternity wear designers offer attractive and comfortable denim jean styles for pregnant of all pregnancy stages. They fit snugly around a woman’s body without feeling tight or restrictive. Moreover, they look great!

You should also have a few stretch button-down shirts. Solid colours are a good idea because they’re simple to mix and match without sacrificing style. Some tank tops and cardigans can round out your wardrobe and ensure that you look hip and sophisticated at the same time.

The Garments That You Wear Under Your Garments

Even though very few people will see them, your undergarments play an understated key role in how you feel as you go about your daily business. For example, the right lingerie will help you feel somewhat comfortable, even if your body and mind have become completely exhausted. A well-fitted nursing bra can provide much needed support that takes the pressure off your back.

While a high quality nursing bra is always worthy of investment, pregnant women can simply continue to wear their pre-pregnancy underpants so long as they still fit comfortably. If not, it will simply be a case of keeping the same styles but going up an extra size.

Shoes: Comfort And Style Rolled Into One

As your balance begins to shift, you’ll eventually need to retire your six-inch heels. However, this doesn’t mean you need to abandon the concept of wearing stylish shoes entirely. You’ll have a wide selection of fashionable options available to you, including flats and low-heeled boots.

The most important thing to consider is your own comfort. Your feet will likely swell (due to water retention) as you move into your third trimester. Give them room to expand. Rather than forcing them into tight shoes, opt for an attractive alternative that provides the support and comfort your feet crave. The happier they are, the better your mood will be.

A Few Last Tips For Feeling And Looking Great

When it came to the stylings of maternity clothes, the previous generation of pregnant women had far fewer choices than today’s moms-to-be. As a result, the rules of engagement have changed considerably. Not only is it possible to look great while staying comfortable, doing so is easy. Here are a few tips to help you along the right direction:

Tip 1 – Start Early

When you begin to notice your regular tops and bottoms feeling tight against your body, start shopping for some maternity clothes. Don’t wait until you’re uncomfortable in your normal attire. Keep in mind, the sooner you start looking for pregnancy wear, the more opportunity you’ll have to enjoy it, getting your money’s worth in the process.

Tip 2 – Look Good, But Prioritize Comfort

If you have to choose between looking great and feeling comfortable, always side with the latter. Don’t buy clothing that feel too tight and restrictive just because they look attractive on your body. Besides, it’s easy enough to find maternity clothes that fulfil both goals these days, so there’s no real need to compromise in this regard.

Tip 3 – Work In Layers

During your pregnancy, your body will heat up a lot more quickly than under normal circumstances. Purchase your maternity wear in layers that can be easily stripped off in the event your body begins to overheat.

Being pregnant no longer means looking frumpy and unattractive. With a little bit of pre-planning and creativity, you can enjoy q whole host of fashionable maternity clothes that won’t sacrifice your comfort levels.