Places To Savour The Best Of Hyderabadi Street Food

From fresh masala dosas and north-Indian style chaat to Irani tea and Hyderabadi naans, these are among the best street foods that you can sample in while in Hyderabad. The city is well known for its omnipresent food trucks known as bandis, which serve scrumptious butter dosas, rawa idlis and vadas, with chutney. Each of these has a significant fan following. If you too are visiting Hyderabad and wish to savour the authentic flavours found in Hyderabad’s street, then this section will guide you through the same.

Places To Savour The Best Of Hyderabadi Street Food

You must be well acquainted with the best places to visit in Hyderabad, but are you well aware of the pit-stops where you can pamper your taste buds? If not, then here’s your ready reckoner–

  1. Lakshman ki Bandi

Located in Begum Bazaar in the Charminar area, Lakshman ki Bandi offers reasonable and delectable dosas and other south Indian fare. The bandi (truck) has a sizeable fan following and is a greatly famous breakfast spot. Keep in mind not to tally your calories when you visit this restaurant. Fried with butter, it’s amazingly rich and tasty idlis, vadas and dosas are presented with green chutney, an alternative option from the coconut chutney offered around the city. Hospitality is warm, with the food being served on bananas.

  1. Munshi Naan

Located in a narrow lane close to Purani Haveli in the Charminar area, Munshi Naan is one of the oldest eateries in the city of Hyderabad. The family-run restaurant began in 1851 and moved to its present area six to seven decades back. Its naan or unleavened bread runs particularly well with Hyderabad’s most famous nihari. Produced using maida, water and oil, the flour is left overnight and afterward prepared in an underground broiler. The produced naans are fresh and delicate, and available in shapes, for example, square, heart, elliptical, star and round.

  1. Sardarji’s Dhaba

As the name suggests, this dhaba offers some of the best north Indian fare in Hyderabad. It’s monstrously prominent for its range of street food snacks from Delhi and Mumbai, particularly the samosa, moong dal kachori and papadi presented with either curd, chhole or chutney. Hungry guests searching for a healthy dinner will also discover well known dishes, for example, kadai paneer, chole bhature and dal makhani on the menu. Pair these with hot baked rotis, naans, and parathas coming straight from their stove.

  1. Cafe Niloufer

The exquisite Cafe Niloufer is an incredible spot to encounter the quintessential taste and old-world appeal of Hyderabad’s Irani bistros. Patrons go to the cafe in the morning for the malai bun and different breads, and in the nights for the signature Irani chai, and in addition the sweet, soften in-your-mouth Osmania biscuits and salty khari rolls. The other heated specialities incorporate nan khatai, plum cake, dilkush and a scope of different bread rolls. Since the cafe has only four tables, it is never-endingly swarmed with regulars.

  1. Ram ki Bandi

An acclaimed late night restaurant in Nampally, Ram ki Bandi is celebrated for its rich, scrumptious dosas presented with coconut chutney. Started in 2008, the Bandi’s offerings are an appreciated takeoff from the consistent masala dosas found around the city. The setup is basic, with fresh dosas being made before your eyes on contiguous food trucks. The dosas come loaded down with paneer, cheddar and potato masala. All the food– dosas, upma and idlis—is set up with a solid dosage of Amul butter and cheddar.

Delving into the food treats is one of the best things to do in Hyderabad. So when you visit this city, are new here, do not miss sampling these. Have fun!