Common Mistakes Of Most Bloggers In SEO

Whether you are an individual working with a search engine optimization (SEO) expert or you are just going through the tasks of SEO alone, you have at some point heard of the outstanding power of blogging. There is an ongoing buzz that says that blogging generates links to your site. Everyone is certainly aware of the fact that quality links improve search engine rankings and hence builds more traffic for your website.

Quality is certainly the keyword here. Most people often have misconceptions of the above statement and rather they go on to flood the internet with blogs whilst embedding links to their site. Is this the right track in SEO? Is blogging everything that needs to be done in SEO?

Firstly we need to discuss blogging generally. The word blog was taken from combining the term Web Log. With the current hype of social media resources and internet venues, blogging now refers to a lot of things. Traditionally a blog is a place where articles and comments or rather discussions can easily be published. Mainly businesses make use of blogs to inform their customers and also show creditability online. A blog may be around 250+ words in length and will contain quality and with unique content. WordPress is a standard for developing a blog. Social sites with Twitter being an example are also types of blogs. Because of the length constraints of the “tweet” it is often called a micro-blog. Search engines do follow up on search blog activities. Social media blogging is gradually becoming popular and has become an important part of the SEO campaigns. Micro-blogging takes a shorter time as compared with the tradition blogging. Micro-blogging campaigns should make use of quality information and have a degree of usefulness for recipients. Every blog entry should advertise your site thoroughly. With all the types of blogs, you will be looking at developing resources or a community for your audience whilst giving them a reason to come back and also to refer others.

In every aspect of SEO blogging is a very important part of the SEO strategy when it comes to generating the needed links for your website. Bloggers beware! There is a form of blogging that is considered to be spam and is of beneficial to nobody. This a practice whereby you log onto blogs and post faux comments with your links embedded within the comments, presuming that the links will certainly point back to your site for the search engines to see.

Link quality together with link quantity improves the ranking of your site within the search engine rankings. Yesterday this was certainly the SEO equation and it provided links back to your site. Today this is no longer an acceptable practice owing to many reasons. Blog owners usually need to approve all comments on their site. SPAM comments are marked as spam and discarded and they are never seen by anyone.

So, how can you benefit from blogging? Quality blog content makes it as the golden standard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Creating your own blog platform will be excellent for you and your visitors to share and discuss information. This will increase your backlinks as people share information and thus you could rank better with the search engine results.

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