Where To Learn SEO On The Web

Search engine optimization is one subject that you can easily get lost or confused as beginner. Backlinks, tags, keywords and many other details are responsible for the ranking of your content on the search engine results. However there are amateurs and bogus marketers who try to make SEO a complicated subject. They know that you do not understand much about the topic hence they show you a lot of things that seem to make SEO complicated. You may obtain the necessary and quality information but you may also waste your time gaining nothing at all. Fortunately, there are SEO websites where you are able to get the best help.

There are certainly two names that stand out to be the best amongst websites for learning SEO. Both of these websites offer users with free tools, together with other tutorial services for businesses and individuals who may need additional training.


SEOmoz offers software packages and tools that help to make the SEO experience friendly. The tools offered by SEOmoz may help you to identify strong keywords, the strength of your competitors and where your website is lacking with regards to SEO. If you are not looking for software there are many other things that SEOmoz can offer you. The website offers a free guide for beginner’s in SEO, together with tips and tricks to maintaining a blog. The website has got a blog that it maintains which has got about a 100, 000 followers and it also has a social media that makes it easy to connect and interact with other members. SEOmoz also has the job board on its website. This is not only a place to see what people a looking for from SEO professionals, but rather it may be a money making opportunity through your SEO learning efforts.


This is certainly ranked as the best of all websites when it comes to learning SEO for many reasons. The first things that many SEO learners appreciate from this website are the tools and tutorial guides or information. Their easy to use free browser toolbar will provide you with competitive information about websites which may include page ranks and backlinks. Just like SEOmoz the website offers free comprehensive training tools and programs for SEO newbie’s. SEOBook provides individuals with useful strategies that will help you to rank better within your industry or niche. They offer people with regular content in their blog, videos and the training programs that are paid for. The website also has a forum for their member that allows them to discuss SEO strategies and also have their questions answered by experts.

Although SEOmoz and SEObook are successful in business with their paid packages, both of them provide individuals with overwhelming training materials for free. These are certainly the best places or websites to visit when you want to learn SEO as a beginner.

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