Link Building Strategies For Bloggers and Companies

Google has changed its strategies during the latest year. Here, we will present some simple link building methods that can be used and implemented by each one of you. They work today, with the condition of not abusing those. Any abuse will be penalized.

We all want links that are simple to obtain, and we want those links to rank us better in search engines. If would be too easy, don’t you think?

Mistakes that you can make during the link building process:

–       To think too much about the positions from results and not to consider other factors

–       To think too much about volume, not of quality. The quality links will be better than the ones obtained in large quantities. We have seen many case, in which first positions of search results were less linked than competitors

–       To think too much about the search engines and how you can “trick” those

–       Thinking about the competition and about the fact that they are ahead of you

–       To think that you can achieve overnight results

We don’t want you to think that links are impossible to get, or that you can’t get good positions. If you approve that link building means to obtain hard links, you will be able to do it. Some opportunities are handy and tolerated, even after new regulations, for bloggers and companies. It is a good idea lo profit from those.

Create relationships with other Bloggers

The best links are those that you obtain by making connections. Those are hard to get, but they are long lasting. If you have a blog, you can make a list of blogs that you read all the time. Comment the articles that you like, where do you think that you have something to say. Bloggers are happy when their audience participates to the conversation. Before anything, read the comment policy of the blog. Behind any blog, there is at least one person, which must approve you the comment. You need to be allowed to place links to your blogs in your comments, and this can only be done if the blogger likes you and approves you.

The next step is to find major bloggers on social networks, and to distribute their work, if you consider it of quality. Don’t over react with comments and interactions, as it will look like spam and you will be penalized. Nobody comments every day on the blogs that he or she follows. There is a code of good manners on the internet, which is based on relevance and moderation. The main idea is to construct long time relationships, not to suffocate the blogs, and the social networks with links to your website.

Subscribe as a blogger to communities and services that monitor the success of blogs. Here, you can find the Twitter addresses of the best bloggers. You can subscribe your blog to many services, which can bring traffic as your authority grows.

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