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SMS Alerts: Why Do Schools Need SMS Solutions?

In today’s society, SMS alerts and reminders are essential, and the vast majority of consumers appreciate receiving them to make their lives easier.

SMS Alerts have become useful enough after a service provider or consumer. SMS Alerts can be used for multiple purposes there is no bar to this service of SMS Alerts for any of the business.

GetItSMS offers a variety of services, including emergency SMS messaging and SMS notifications for schools. Bulk SMS for Education is one of the demanding services that institutes need.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of excellent, real-time communication between schools and parents.

For secondary schools, this includes instant messaging between the school and its students, nearly all of whom will always have their own cell phone with them.

A simple phone conversation, personal email, or text message may be sufficient for one-time communications with a single recipient.

Notes can be sent home in hard copy or, better yet, by email for a wider audience, and weekly newsletter bulletins (again, best delivered via email) are useful for disseminating a huge amount of information.

But what if you don’t have much time? Or when a large number of messages need to be dispersed and delivered quickly?

SMS Alerts

Schools, from early childhood centers to secondary and even university institutions, can use a bulk SMS solution to deliver SMS notifications.

Mentors/Parents can be updated of various things through SMS Alerts. In urgent situations, such as but not limited to, the following, instantaneous delivery and receipt of communications from a school is required:

  • The cancellation of a school function at the last minute
  • Changes to a school function at the last minute (time, location)
  • Threat of a bomb or lockdown
  • Evacuation from a Fire
  • Outbreak of an infectious disease
  • Infestation of head lice
  • If any case the school bus doesn’t arrive
  • Unexplained disappearance of a student

SMS Solutions

Almost everyone today owns a Mobile Phone that can send and receive text alerts or SMS alerts.

SMS Alerts or Text Alerts is a most used and effective service for a school to communicate with parents.

There is no more dependable approach to communicating with your parents.


SMS marketing is a potentially effective approach to bringing your brand name in front of the mobile-oriented generation.

When used properly, you can reach a wide range of people, both young and old, and interest them in your brand.

You can rapidly communicate your business message with your consumer base and produce more quality leads if you use a reputable bulk SMS service provider.

SMS Alerts can be sent immediately, and unlike other forms of communication, it is almost certain that the message will be received and opened within a few minutes.

Messages can be sent in bulk or tailored to a single person or a smaller group of people, such as a single class, a year group, or a school athletic team.

In an emergency, a single SMS alert can be delivered in a matter of seconds to the entire school community of parents and teachers.

For this most trusted of all communication methods, SMS open rates are rapid and near perfect.