5 Ways to Avoid A Propane Accident
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5 Ways to Avoid A Propane Accident

Propane is one of the most popular ways to heat homes in America, yet many haven’t tried it yet because they’re nervous about safely keeping it in their home.  Natural gas isn’t something you have to fear, as long as you use it correctly and keep it safely maintained.

Here are five of the most important things every homeowner should do to avoid a propane accident in their home.

Teaching Children The Proper Use of Propane

If you have kids in a propane household, the most important thing you can do is teach children how to treat natural gas.  We don’t want to bar our kids from the kitchen; we want to teach them how to cook and be curious about creating things, but curiosity should come with a healthy amount of education.

Teach any children in the home that they can’t leave the stove eye on, even if there’s no flame visible, and that they shouldn’t leave the oven open for longer than necessary. Of course, no child under thirteen should work kitchen equipment unattended, but you should teach them early about the importance of safety with natural gas.  This includes telling them how to know if there’s a gas leak and what to do in that situation.

Good Maintenance on Equipment

Equipment is only as good as the maintenance that’s carried out on it.  If your equipment is poorly maintained, then it might be prone to failure or disastrous effects.  Nobody wants to deal with an explosion from a tank being dented or misused or a fire from a gas stove not being cleaned yet having oil all over the place.  Maintain the parts of your home that come into contact with the gas, and use a good propane supplier who will help you take care of the equipment needed.

A Great Natural Gas Detector

Natural gas detectors are a relatively inexpensive purchase you can make to ensure that you take as few risks as possible.  Although it’s a good idea to be able to recognize when there’s a gas leak by scent, a natural gas detector will take any guesswork out of a leak and will immediately let you know it’s time to get out and call for help.

A Propane Supplier You Can Trust

Using a company you can trust is immensely important.  A good propane supplier should be willing to constantly monitor their tanks, maintain them, and ensure that everything is on the right track.  Check reviews for companies to ensure that you’re making the safest choice that will keep your home and family safe.

Never Let Propane Run on Empty

A propane system should always be at least ten percent full.  If you notice the levels have dropped down to five percent, it’s time to call for a refill immediately.  The more a propane tank runs on empty, the less likely it will let off an odor if there is a leak, and the more likely your system will leak.  Running on empty shouldn’t be hard to avoid, as long as you pay attention to your levels and use a company you can trust.