Wristwatches 101: A Century Of The Wristwatch

Wristwatches 101: A Century Of The Wristwatch

Introduction: Proximity of punctuality comes with the moment you gaze at your wristwatch. The invention of the clock and watches has obviously changed the life of humans. With time, the industry of watches has even got smart and innovative, which has to lead the demand and supply chain of wristwatches more developed. Before making a read on the history of watches, and more, let’s talk a brief on its importance. Unlike time is precious, watches exists with the imperative role that goes simultaneously.

Stephen Covey, one of the greatest authors of all times, once implied that the key is never found in spending time but investing in it. The world is at delusionary times where it is uncertain what will happen in the feature. Time is the only factor towards getting to the place one looks forward to, and it is best to keep track of every minute that runs.

Thanks to the clock invention, today, it is possible to stay focused on time right from the wrist. The watch industry has, over the years, faced advancements attributed to technology. As far as this industry is concerned, the most fundamental win is developing wristwatches integral in the day-to-day business.

The 21st-century wrist watch comes in a variety of shapes, material design as well as brand.
Companies such as Rolex that have been in the game for some time are working towards ensuring their client’s get the most out of their wristwatches. One notable feature in all wristwatches is the strap, and Rolex, through its popular Rolex Yachtmaster band, has proven to be the best in the game. Other companies such as Apple are also getting into producing smart wrist watches that digitally connect to their phone and computer products, which has taken the whole industry by storm. Reasons why everyone needs to put on a watch area outlined in the subsequent subtitles.

Watches are Convenient

As redundant as many think, wearing a watch comes in handy when one is far from their phones. Though it is possible to get track of time using a smartphone, consider the hassle and time spent drawing the gadget in the pocket or purse where it is kept and unlocking to gain access and look. A wristwatch is stress-free as one only needs to lift the arm over to see the time.

No Distraction

Apart from the sophisticated watch, a watch’s sole and only purpose is to know the time. Depending on a smartphone to check on the same is something that may cause unwarranted distractions because going into the phone often leads to a rabbit-trail of activities. With the generation that is mesmerized by social media and different messenger platforms, one will certainly get to check the events on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter walls, emails, or any other application in addition to checking the time. At times they forget they went in to look at the time. Such distractions are cut off when one puts on a watch and restricts themselves from using the phone for the same purpose. This is especially something convenient when in a meeting or physical group and full attention is needed.

An Essence of Confidence

Confidence is something relative, and different facts can aggravate this sense of feeling. It is astounding how things such as putting on fancy shoes, a nice piece of jewelry can make someone confident. In the same way, a wristwatch is something that gives style or makes someone’s fashion complete. When one puts on a sleekly designed watch, it is easily noticeable, and people will keep asking to get the same design every time. These are part of the nitty-gritty that builds on a person’s confidence, and it is certain that everyone wants to feel confident about them.


Anyone in the business world, legal practice, military, stockbroking, and other kinds of work can confirm the essence of keeping track of time. Time is a factor that plays a crucial role in the accountability of how events unfolded. Everyone responsible treasures time and a wristwatch is one item that will help in accountability purposes.

Choosing the Right Wristwatch

Many people find it tasking to choose a wristwatch. This is owing to the numerous brands that offer different designs of the same type of item. There are various things to consider before buying a perfect wristwatch. Factors such as size, design, and brand play a crucial role in making one get the best product in the market.

For ease, the following tips can make the work effortless;

Go For Classy and Minimalist Style Wristwatches

For first-time wristwatch bearers, it is good to go for a design that offers versatility and can serve the purpose on any occasion. A classy and minimalist-style wristwatch can fit into any outfit and any event.


The fashionable part about wristwatches lies on the wearing. While shopping for a wristwatch, ensure to find a piece that properly fits the arm and will not hang lose all the time. Today, companies like Rolex have come up with watches with adjustable straps that fit everyone.

Unisex wristwatches are somewhat every day these days. However, many popular brands even come up with types of watches according to utility, gender needs. Some even are precisely made for kids and teens.

Quality of Band

One important future of a wristwatch is the band, and the lifespan of any given piece of the watch will depend on the quality of the band used in its manufacture. For example, the Rolex Yachtmaster band upholds the best quality as far as wristwatch bands are concerned. Rolex is a brand that works hard to come up with watches that have better quality bands.

The Movement of the Second- Arm

Wristwatches are of two types. One, the mechanical category wristwatches with seconds-arms are automatic and move in a smooth motion and those in the quartz category whose arm moves in a tick-tock kind of motion. Everyone’s taste and preferences are distinct, and it depends on a person’s decision on which one to go for. Wristwatches comes with needs and demand of individuals.


What amount is one willing to offer to get hold of a given watch? There are a variety of wristwatches that range in price. Surprisingly enough, some of the watches surpass the price of a classy car. An essential thing to note is that a classic watch can compliment an outfit and does not have to shrink the wallet. Many brands offer quality watches at considerably lower prices. Ample choices in wristwatches brands come with an array of options, thus prior is too sure of the needs and budget before making a purchase. Moreover, it is suggested if buying a watch for teens and kids, let not be the expensive one, as they have chances to lose it during playtime, gym and other activities.


It is also essential to note that a wristwatch could act as a potential gift during this coming summer since it is the season full of activities, and time is of the essence. The bottom line is that wristwatches play a crucial role in the life of an individual. If you plan to get a new wristwatch or else want to buy it for your family or friends, you must consider such points as mentioned above.