Do You Need To Exercise More? Look Out For 5 Warning Signs
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Do You Need To Exercise More? Look Out For 5 Warning Signs

You do know that adhering to a nutritious diet and working out daily can enhance your wellbeing, both physical and mental, right? But doing so became quite difficult last year, owing to the deadly coronavirus that wreaked havoc on all the parts of the world. A major segment of the population is still recovering from its effects.

Do You Need To Exercise More? Look Out For 5 Warning Signs

Walking from the refrigerator to the couch can never be the same as running on the treadmill. Mentioned below are a few warning signs, and if any of them resonates with you, it is time to make exercise a priority.

  1. You Hardly Sleep at Night

If you live on coffee but still feel tired, you may not be getting proper sleep at night. According to a renowned exercise medicine doctor, one of the major reasons your sleep is irregular is not sufficient movement throughout the day.

When you exercise daily, you exhaust your body; thus, it is easy to fall asleep and stay that way. According to a recent study that evaluated the relation between exercise and sleep, physical activity improves the quality as well as efficiency of sleep.

  1. You have Backache

In case you are spending a prolonged period in the bed or on the sofa, thus, not moving much, you may wake up with a rigid back. You will feel excruciating lower backache while sitting at the desk, climbing a flight of stairs, etc. Get a thorough checkup to rule out any sort of underlying condition that may affect the back.

Exercise alone can prevent back pain to a great extent. It reinforces your muscular tissues so they can assist your back in a seamless manner when you are standing, sitting, or moving in general.

  1. Your Blood Pressure is Quite High

Whether you tested yourself at a local pharmacy or your doctor diagnosed it during your last visit, high blood pressure must be taken seriously. The higher the blood pressure and the longer it goes beyond control, the greater the harm.

Strengthening the heart is perhaps the best way to keep the blood pressure in check, and that is exactly what exercise is meant for. By becoming active or by incorporating at least half an hour of regular exercise in your daily life, you can alleviate the systolic blood pressure (the upper number in the reading) and avoid the medications.

  1. You Suffer from Frequent Mood Swings

You may believe your melancholy or crankiness is due to the huge project that your boss threw at your way unexpectedly or that irritating way your spouse sings in the shower. But those mood swings are actually a consequence of inadequate exercise. Within five minutes of workout, you feel happy.

Exercise stabilises mood by increasing blood circulation to a great extent. It helps the body stay calm, and the mind responds quite rationally to the daily annoyances. Now that is amazing.

  1. You Feel Hungry Always

If you are not moving enough, your body will not require as much food. But it will trick you into thinking that it is not getting the necessary fuel. If you have an abnormally high appetite but are not active, it is probably because your body is producing excessive ghrelin – a hormone responsible for hunger. Continue eating, and you will end up with an undesirable bodyweight.

Do the aforementioned signs strike a chord? There is one more. Now you must not compare yourself with others. But, in case you cannot maintain a more or less similar pace when out for a walk in the park, or on a trip to the grocery store, as everyone else, you may have to take your exercise regime up a notch.