A Yard Owner’s Guide to Professional Landscaping
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A Yard Owner’s Guide to Professional Landscaping

Maintaining a lush, healthy lawn and landscape entails responsibility and commitment. But if you have a hectic schedule and lack some essential yard tools, you may find it difficult to keep your lawn and landscape looking great. Luckily, you can always depend on professional landscaping services to do the job for you.

Experts in landscaping in Powell Ohio can be your best partner in guaranteeing that your home and surroundings are well-maintained all year round. They can also transform your bright ideas into reality to make you feel content and happy with your dream yard.

Read further to learn about some compelling reasons to hire professional landscapers, the different services they provide, and how to choose the best service provider.

A Yard Owner’s Guide to Professional Landscaping

3 Reasons to Invest in Professional Landscaping Services

1. Boosts the beauty and functionality of your home

The primary reason for homeowners to entrust their yard to a professional landscaper is to enhance property appearance and functionality. Landscaping pros play a vital role in making your outdoor space stunning and organized. They have the knowledge, skills, and tools to make your yard look neat, and the plants pretty and healthy.

2. Offers consistent yard care

With your busy daily schedule, staying on top of a landscaping routine can be challenging. But if you let experts manage your yard, your property will receive the best care at all times.

3. Cost-efficient

Landscaping will entail a considerable amount of time, money, skills, and commitment. If you don’t have these resources, costly mistakes can happen. Investing in professional landscaping services may be an additional expense, but this is far cheaper than dealing with a ruined and deteriorating yard.

9 Common Professional Landscaping Services

It is crucial for you to know and understand the different landscaping services before hiring professional landscapers, so you can tell them exactly what your landscaping needs are. Conversely, you can also ask them to evaluate your yard to see what services need to be prioritized.

1. General bed maintenance

This landscaping service is a must because it guarantees that your home maintains its excellent curb appeal all year round. It includes debris removal, ground-cover control or trimming, weeding, monitoring and removal of withering leaves and broken branches, and removal of spent blooms.

2. Spring/fall clean-up

This service usually includes everything in the general bed maintenance, along with bed edging, seasonal perennial trim-down, mulch-raking, and perennial and grass dividing. It is a more in-depth cleaning service that must be done once to thrice yearly.

3. Lawn protect and feed

This service involves the use of lawn care programs that will nourish your turf and protect it against different diseases and pests like fungal illnesses, brown-patch, and grubs. These programs often include five to seven steps that are applied during different times of the year.

Factors like irrigation and weather patterns are often considered as these affect the grass. More applications may be necessary during the wet season to manage moisture-related problems.

4. Plant health care

Otherwise known as landscape plant protect and feed, this service involves proactively incorporating landscaping programs that will prevent mildew, black-spot, aphids, bag-worms and other diseases or pests from damaging your landscape. It also includes feedings specific to your soil and plants.

5. Hedging/pruning

Hedging refers to shaping the plants into geometric forms, while pruning involves removing spent blooms and removing diseased or dead limbs to maintain size/shape and promote healthy plant growth.
Both services are vital to ensure plant bloom appearance and health. Professional landscapers will make sure that your plants are pruned at the right height and time of the year for their species.

6. Mulching

This landscaping service should be done at least once a year. Mulch is not just visually appealing; it also offers many horticultural benefits, including weed control, root insulation, and improved water retention.

7. Lawn mowing

Mowing your grass at the right height ensures its health and pleasing appearance. Experts in lawn care in Columbus Ohio will make sure that your grass is well-mowed and free of weeds and pests. After all, well-maintained grass is your best defense for deterring these unwanted guests.

8. Irrigation start-up and shut-down

Most professional landscapers include the setting-up or shutting down of irrigation systems. Some homeowners start up their irrigation system, but not all of them have their system winterized.

During cold temperatures, the water can freeze and expand, causing damage to the system if the water has not been drained from lines. Often, the damage is more expensive than maintaining the irrigation system and having it winterized.

Professional landscapers include routine check-in for water efficiency or optimal usage. This way, they can detect any problem that requires immediate repair or make the necessary adjustments for excellent plant health.

9. Seasonal display

This landscaping service includes annual flowers for fall, summer, or spring. It also consists of holiday lighting and greens, adding an extra layer of excitement and impact to your home as the season changes.

3 Tips for Hiring Professional Landscapers

With so many professional landscapers today, hiring one can be challenging. Here are tips to choose the best landscaping company.

1. Do your research

Doing your research and due diligence is the first step to hiring a good landscaping company. Ask for referrals from people you trust, check their websites, read online reviews, and look into local business listings before engaging with any professional landscapers.

Ensure that you are comfortable with the idea and principles of the company you choose since you will have them at your home, caring for your yard all year round.

2. Let them evaluate your yard

If you have a list of potential landscapers, let them evaluate your yard, along with your proposed changes. Generally, they will be taking measurements, checking your soil, and giving suggestions regarding the kinds of plants suitable for your soil.

3. Get a quote

Once the evaluation is done, get a quote. This can be expressed verbally or in a write-up. Don’t agree until you are satisfied with the details of the quotes. Take your time, compare the quotes of different landscaping companies, and make sure that everything in the contract is mutually agreeable.

Upon approval of the plan and price quote of your chosen landscaping company, all that’s left is to relax and let the experts transform your yard. And remember to be a good client.

You may be tempted to learn everything from these experts and get involved in the project, but you should not get in their way. After all, you will be fully informed of the project progress, along with unforeseen problems that can cause delays with the project completion.

Most landscaping services can be customized, too, to cater to your budget and yard’s specific needs. So for the best results, engage the services of professional landscapers. The peace of mind you’ll get by working with experts will definitely be more than worth the cost.