How to Prepare Your Home Before a House Cleaner Arrives

With so many things to do daily, in work and family, we no longer have time to keep our house clean. Good thing we can now call expert cleaners to help clean up any mess in our homes.


But though this is something they do best, here are a few things that we also need to prepare before a house cleaner arrives: 

Pick up all important documents

For a cleaner, essential documents might be mistaken as trash and can go straight to the bin. If you do not want that, make sure to organize documents such as birth certificates, insurance paperwork, bill statements, and receipts well. 


Collect all the documents you see around your house and sort everything out. You can place them inside a drawer or a binder. The better option is to scan them so you will have a copy saved inside your computer. 


This way, when you call a cleaner to your home, you are ensured that no important papers will end up in the bin. 

Keep your pets away

Whether your pets are tamed or aggressive, it is always best to put them away.


You can put them in a cage, or take them to a different home for the meantime. Either way, it allows the cleaning team to comfortably clean your house without any worries. 


Other than the safety of the cleaners, this will also benefit your pets. Meeting strangers can easily stress our pets and might cause problems in their health. So it is always better to have a safe place for them in these cases.

Pick up clutter

Do not make things harder for the house cleaner. Their job is to clean and not to arrange and organize all the clutter you have.


Not only does it makes the work harder for them, but it also takes more time for them to finish. 


So, get rid of all those scattered paperwork and keep them in your drawer. Pick up your kids’ toys and organize them in their toy bins. If you have unwashed dishes, you can wash them. But if you do not want that, at least organized everything and soak them in water. 


Make your house cleanable by picking up your clutter. These things are simple, but your house cleaner will highly appreciate it. 

Make sure they can get in

This one is pretty obvious. How can a cleaner clean if they can’t get in, right? 


We all know that there will be instances that you will not be home during the cleaning service. In these cases, you would need to give your cleaner the keys or alarm codes. 


But we know that trust does not come immediately. If this is an issue, then you may provide a safe spot where you can keep the key for them to use every time they clean. And when the time comes that you are comfortable, you can give them their very own keys. 

Let them know if you have special requests

Yes, you can make special requests. In fact, we advise our clients at Cleaning House Cleaning NYC to have a checklist of where you want cleaning, where the cleaners should focus, what to clean thoroughly, and such.


However, it is best to inquire from the cleaning services itself about what is included and what is not and if you want a customized service. Just be prepared that there might be extra costs for special services. Additional hours can also mean they would need to extend their time to clean. 


Another thing to take note of is that special requests will have limitations too. You can’t ask cleaners to sew buttons to your clothes, walk your dog, look after your children, or do your groceries.


These are no longer part of their job, and no cleaner (in any cleaning service) would agree to do those. 

Take out your fresh sheets

If you are requesting for your cleaner to change your sheets, then you would want to take the fresh sheets out already. If you can’t do that, then you can at least point to them where to find them. 


Taking your fresh sheets out will save your cleaner a lot more time looking through your stuff and searching around your house looking for them. 

Be helpful

House cleaners clean different kinds of households, each with varying needs. You can’t expect them to remember all your requests the first time they clean your house. It will take time. 


We recommend that you make a list for your cleaner about what you need cleaning and what you do not need cleaning. Create a design plan that you can discuss to them and make sure to communicate your expectations.


Preparing your home before the cleaners arrive is not only helpful but will save a lot of their time. You can also ensure that your expectations are met.

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