wonderful wedding

Ideas for planning a budget-friendly yet wonderful wedding (Yaay! It is possible)

wonderful wedding

Planning a wedding is no doubt a big task that needs enormous savings. Nobody thinks twice while spending money when it comes to planning a wedding as they want everything to be best. But, are you aware of the cost of this extravaganza with so much sparkle and allure around?

Don’t spend your money on non-valuable things just to do show-off!! If you want to arrange a perfect wedding within your suitable budget, then you have to complete each and every step of your wedding very wisely. I would like to share that we were lucky enough at my brother’s wedding that we got the best and affordable wedding planner in Chennai, otherwise it could be difficult for us to plan an affordable wedding.

They did everything with perfect planning that after hiring them, we didn’t worry about anything as they completed the wedding with all the amenities such as- beautiful wedding outfit, enthralling décor, photographers, and catering services, etc. with affordable prices.

What are the essentials to plan an inexpensive wedding?

In present, the usual wedding cost is approx. 5 to 10 lakhs that makes it one of the most luxurious events of life. But what if, I say that you can afford a fun, mesmerizing and stylish wedding without spending so much money. Here are listed up some things that can be helpful for having an in-budget wedding.

  1. Nearest Wedding Venue To Save Money And Time

Oh, I am sure that you and your family don’t want to take a headache of booking a venue that is far away from your home. It will consume a lot of time to go and come along with the expenses of hiring rental buses or cars for relatives. So, it is advisable to choose the nearest wedding venue months ago, from the date of the wedding.

It would be easier for you to manage the wedding with the nearest wedding venue but you have to book location in advance as in the marriage season, they will be very costly and sometimes, out of the budget too!!

  1. Do Purchasing In Off-Season To Get Discount

As we know, demand always increases the cost of the product!! So, when you will purchase the wedding attires in the wedding season, it will be costly and unaffordable. That’s why it will be better to shop in the off-season.

If you are fond of branded clothes, then you can also have attire of desired brands. Who knows!! Maybe, you will be lucky to get a 50% discount.

  1. Make Your Own DJ to Excite All The People With Music

Nobody can live without music. When it is about events, no event is complete without it. So, here is a suggestion, except hiring a professional DJ, you can say to a friend or relative to handle the dance floor. Make a list of songs that will be from the choices of your relatives or friends and ask a friend to play it. It will be pretty good to rock your wedding on your own!!!

  1.    Decorate the Venue With Less Flowers

For decorating the wedding venue, flowers are always at the top of the list. But, using the flowers more than needed is a wastage. We are not saying that don’t use flowers for wedding décor but try to use fewer flowers that are not much costly. If it is much necessary, only then use the flowers otherwise it will be good to not use them.

  1. Avoid the Long List Of Guests To Keep It Simple

Nowadays nobody wants a big fat wedding, they just want to invite close people to a simple wedding. so, make a list of close people whom you want to invite to your wedding. avoid the people you don’t know well and make the wedding intimate. It would be easy for you by taking the help of the family.

  1. Skip the Unnecessary Gifts at The Wedding

Avoid the gifts of bridesmaids and groomsmen, instead of that, give them a handwritten note to say ‘Thank you’ for the help. They will keep it for their lifetime. You can also provide a picture with that note and if they know you better, it will surely make them happy.

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