How to dress for a wedding ceremony?


Previously weddings had a lot of rules that the bride, groom and all the guests had to follow. But with time, the rules are changing; moreover, the rules are becoming fewer in number. The events are becoming much more progressive so that everyone can relax and have a good time. You might have a lot more freedom right now than what you had 10 years ago, but you still need to keep certain things in mind when you dress up for someone’s wedding. You should try to dress in a respectful manner so that no one in the ceremony or the people getting married get offended.

There is a variety of wedding guest dresses that you can wear to a ceremony. But if you are confused about your attire, here is a list of things that you should not wear to a wedding. If you steer clear of these, you will surely be safe from all the judgment.


If you are attending someone else’s wedding, then you should avoid the colour white or even colours that resemble white like really pale blue or off-white. White is the colour reserved for the bride and it is really important for her. Surely white dresses look really cute, but you should hold off on wearing that dress on this occasion. Moreover, the bride’s white gown is surely going to outshine your white dress, so it’s better that you choose some other colour.


You might be informed that the wedding you are about to attend is going to be a casual one, but trust me, a wedding can never be casual enough to wear sweats. It is always better to be overdressed in such occasions than being underdressed. Still if you are worried about your comfort level, then you can just opt for an outfit made out of soft and natural fabric such as cotton.


Jeans are another form of casual wear that you should avoid wearing at weddings. Moreover, you need an occasion to wear jeans, you can wear them anywhere. So why not try something different for a wedding ceremony!


This applies for both men and women. Neither of the sexes should wear shorts to a wedding ceremony. It might be a hot summer day; still wearing shorts is a big no. You can instead wear lightweight pants.

Open shoulders

This is not a strict rule, but in case the wedding is taking place in a very modest environment like a church you should cover your shoulders. You can just bring a matching sweater or a shawl with you and cover yourself when needed.

No dress code

Don’t try to make up your own rules. If there is a certain theme or dress code, then follow it. If you have to attend a backyard wedding, don’t show up in a ball gown or a tux.

Casual pants

Many women prefer wearing pants to a wedding. While there is nothing wrong with wearing pants at a wedding, you should avoid the really casual ones. Overall a wedding is not a casual event. The theme of the wedding you are attending might be somewhat casual, but casual pants still don’t fit in. You should instead try something a bit more classy and elegant. Coordinating suits are a great option when you feel like wearing pants to a wedding.

Rips and holes

A wedding is no place to wear clothing that has rips and holes in it, even if they are intentional. Tops and pants with holes and rips have become quite popular nowadays, but they are absolutely not appropriate for a wedding. A wedding is no ordinary occasion, so you should look your best in a classy manner when you attend it. If you want to show a little unexpected skin, you can just opt for a beautiful cut-out outfit.

Finally, don’t stress it. Just wear something that will make you as well as everyone around you feel comfortable. JJ’s House has the best collection of wedding guest dresses that are perfectly appropriate for anyone planning to attend a wedding. If you are too confused, then just opt for simple yet elegant attire. People will mostly focus on the bride and groom, so you are anyways on the safe side. But it is always better to be prepared for everything and there is no harm in dressing up the right way for an occasion.

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