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What Level Of Luxury Can Be Brutal For A Middle-Class Family?

Living in any country, the middle class can enjoy a lot of things that neither the poor or the elite class can do. Suppose letting your children play outside with other children along with some good stuff. Poor can’t afford it and the elites are too afraid to do so because of various reasons. The poor don’t have to be worried about their status but the elites are very conscious even for the dresses they wear. The middle class can do both and spend the day however they like. They don’t have a risk for a status stigma lack.

For a middle-class family, life is always good in any condition. They pursue a life that crosses the various fluctuations of the time and situations. They become immune to the changes and then live happily. It is proven that the mortal rate of a middle-class person is low than the elite ones because of the stress they take for their decisions. Often the news of suicides also come from the individuals of the elite families.

A Luxury For Middle Class

What can be a luxury for a middle-class family? The car that is worth a million dollar or the dress worth $10,000? This is not quite the answer. Things that are new to them are their luxury actually. But the question is how much can they afford? Luxury can be anything between $10,000 to a million trillion dollars. Luxury that is more than a certain level can be very brutal to break a middle-class family. Lets’ see what things can make the changes.


Middle people can live in a house of two bedrooms and share it with another family as well. This isn’t their down to earth quality but a compulsion. Some of them can buy good properties in a certain time of their life but it can get them in a harsh living. Many middle-class people move to Dubai and live a harsh life because of their wrong decisions. Going for the properties like Dubai Downtown apartments for sale or rent lead them to break down sooner than they expected.


Likewise, keeping a high-profile vehicle can be very difficult to handle as well. One can buy an expensive car at once or with the help of a bank but keeping it working and in order takes effort and a lot of money. Even a small broken part can cost a whole month’s salary.