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Kitchen Ideas to Steal from Insta-Hyped Restaurants

Instagram has seen stunning and share-worthy images of food in the past few years since its incarnation. It’s no wonder why this social media platform dedicated to sharing photos is one of the best channels restaurants can utilize to improve their business. Restaurants, bars, and other food establishments are also all over Instagram, not wanting to miss out on the fun. In fact, 30% of respondents in a recent study say they won’t visit restaurants that don’t have an Instagram account.

Many restaurants do marketing for their business on Instagram, from sharing their best sellers, featuring their customers’ posts, to showing off their gorgeous interior decors. We bet you’ve marveled at those rustic brick walls, nice tables, and other beautiful ornaments that make up their interiors. But if you’re planning a total kitchen overhaul in your home, here are some ideas you can use from Insta-famous restaurants.

Place Geometric or Patterned rugs on your Kitchen Floor

Geometric area rugs can work wonders for your kitchen floor. Decorating it using these carpets will make have a warmer and homier vibe. The rugs also enhance your hardwood floors, especially if they’re not at their shiniest. Geometric area rugs have colorful and subtle patterns so you can give your kitchen floor a unique feel. These patterns include chevron, Aztec, and honeycomb. But no matter what pattern or design you choose, geometric area rugs will surely add more energy to your kitchen.

Get some open shelves

Take a cue from The SHED in Healdsburg and have open shelving in your kitchen. The restaurant’s got these shelves around its interior, starting from its shop area. Open shelves offer plenty of benefits: they give you more storage, gather less dust, and help you organize your kitchen tools. These shelves also make your guests comfortable while they’re in your kitchen. With these advantages in mind, you’ll only need small accessories such as your shakers and your kitchen timer to personalize your kitchen.

Add Tiles with Striking Colors and Patterns

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t make it fascinating. Patterned tiles for your flooring will bring out its hidden charms. Using dark red tiles on your kitchen walls will make it stand out despite being small, giving it a warm and welcoming feel.

Incorporate Different Lighting Styles

Most Instagram-famous restaurants have open kitchens with beautiful lights hanging from their ceilings. However, gleaming kitchen lights and mood lighting don’t match all the time. That’s why open kitchen restaurants use dark ambient lighting and decorative fixtures with kitchen lights. You can adopt these lighting styles in your home kitchen, too. Denmark-based Palæo has pendant lights in brass that will go well with your kitchen or any other room inside your home. Heat lamp-style fixtures are also great options to use as kitchen lights.

Complement Wood Installations with Metal Accents

Portland restaurant DOC’s kitchen looks and feels like an actual home kitchen thanks to their wooden countertops. These countertops also hold durable metal cabinets that serve as refrigerator drawers. This specific design blends a restaurant kitchen’s usefulness and a home kitchen’s cozy atmosphere. The key to a warm ambiance inside your kitchen is mixing wood and metal, incorporating them to your overall design.

Decorate your Kitchen with Patterned Wallpaper

We’ve covered geometric and vivid tiles for your kitchen walls, but what about using patterned wallpaper? New York-based Seamore’s has a seamless display of various decorative aspects incorporated in its interior. But its patterned wallpaper is a stand-out among these elements. The wallpaper doesn’t overpower the interior, but instead anchors the other decorative elements in the space. Recreating this look in your home kitchen is a simple task.

Casual home kitchens will need beadboards, stucco, and other similar designs, while floral beadboard wallpaper can complement a cozy kitchen. You can also pair patterned wallpaper with stripes depending on the colors you’ll use for your kitchen to bring your other decor together.