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Ways to Make Your Apartment Lobby Welcoming

The lobby of your apartment is that special space which leads one to your home. For residents, it creates a sense of being home already, or the excitement to be home. For visitors, it is a sign of how your house is going to be like and how welcoming the ambience will be. Lobbies can be luxurious and grand like the ones in luxury apartments in Mumbai, with high ceilings, marble flooring, elaborate mouldings and furnishings. Or they can be much smaller and coolly modern with comfortable seating for a contemporary vibe.

No mater what the size of the apartment or its lobby, there are many ways you can design them so that they can make a great first impression and provide a welcoming entry as well.

These are the five things that can make a world of difference in the design and ambience of lobby interiors:

1. Securing the entry way for safety

A lobby should serve the prime purpose of letting residents and visitors feel safe. As modern-day apartments have neither a doorman nor concierge, residents can install a robust key system or go high-tech with a magnetic card or fob key system to ensure safe entry of residents. Good lighting is essential as it will make anyone entering or leaving the apartment feel safer. Thanks to the availability of affordable and energy-efficient LED lights these days, it is possible to keep the lighting on at all times when the sun is down. For visitors, they can install a buzzer system in a well-lit outer entry with a door behind it that closes securely. A video camera to record all comings and goings is also a good idea.

2. Lighting

Once the first priority is taken care of, the second element to give attention to is the lighting. For effect and functionality, it makes sense to use a combination of more than one type of lighting for the apartment lobby and layer the lighting throughout. Install lighting on separate switches and with dimmers to change the lighting levels. Use recessed ceiling lights so that the lighting can be dimmed during daylight hours.

Overhead light fixtures can be placed at different corners according to the demands of the lobby size and size of the overhead light. Table lamps and floor lamps can be placed intelligently where there are furniture pieces, while wall sconce are helpful near elevators and doors. If you want to own a flat in Mumbai, there’s no better time to secure a 2 bhk in Goregaon than now.

3.Floors & Mats

The lobby should give one a sense of being welcome and this should be reflected in the flooring. Daily upkeep is must as it is also where the dust and dirt from the outside comes in and threatens to get into the house. In order to combat these problems, you can use rubberised mats, especially during the rainy season, to protect the floors and keep visitors from slipping and falling. Otherwise,  non-slip rugs and mats look fine in the lobby during the dry season.

Go for large-sized one with colours that complement the overall ambience of the lobby.

For flooring, one can go for hardwood, laminate hardwood, porcelain tiles, luxury vinyls and stained concrete if it is susceptible to overuse. They are easy to maintain and affordable too and will continue to look great over a considerable period of time.

4. Right furnishings and accessories

When it comes to selecting furnishings, do it according to the size of the lobby. Glass surfaces or mirrors give the impression of expanding space, as do mirrors on the walls. If there’s room, select furniture pieces that look heavy and traditional. If that is not to your liking, go for modern and lighter furniture; they also create a sense of visual space. A pair of chairs in one corner, and a comfy bench and a table look fine in the centre. Don’t overcrowd the area though because good circulation and space for movement is important as that is one of the primary aims of having a lobby in the first place.

When it comes to wall colour, make your choices subdued with soft, warm, neutral shades like grays and browns. You can add a dash of colour for a dramatic accent. You can go for wallpaper but if you go with paint, go for the washable version. Also, don’t forget to brighten the space with live or artificial potted plants, trees and floral arrangement. If you’re going for real plants, pay attention to the lighting essentials. Decorate the walls with soft, abstract artwork or pictures of local landmarks around town that may appeal to residents and visitors alike.