Tips to Remove Water Spots from the Windshield

What are water spots?

Most vehicle owners have seen water spots on their car windshields and windows but are not really aware how these spots get on the car glass. Water spots can appear despite diligent care and despite parking the vehicle in shaded, indoor garages.

Water spots are usually formed on the car front glass due to contaminated water. What we mean by this is that a combination of water and soap, hard water, acidic rain, or any other chemical contaminants mixed with water must have hit the car windshield. These could be due to acidic rain from outdoor car parking, high levels of metal or other contaminants in tap water, dripping lime water from car park ceilings, hard water in the neighbourhood, or simply due to careless cleaning. Whatever the reason, once such contaminated water drips on the car glass, the water eventually evaporates leaving behind the concentrated chemicals that form a whitish, hazy spot. These water spots may be concentrations of sodium, calcium, lime-scale or any other chemicals.

Why is water spot a concern?

Water spots pose a real challenge because these are difficult to remove. The chemical substances may not damage the car glass but when hardened, any attempt to remove these water spots is likely to leave scratches on the car windshield. What is more is that they are nearly impossible to remove by standard cleaning detergents. Using a coarse pad of steel wool to remove these is unadvisable as these will in turn leave scratch marks on the car glass and you may end up needing windshield repair services.

How to remove water spots

  • Use one-part white vinegar and two parts distilled water. Soak a soft rag in this solution and leave on the water spot for about 5 minutes or till fully soaked. Now gently rub away the water spot and remove the chemical deposit till it disappears from the windshield. The acidic properties of vinegar help in removing the chemical deposits by dissolving them.
  • As an alternative to vinegar you may use freshly squeezed lime juice. Instead of adding water, bottle up the lime juice in a spray bottle and spray on the water spot. As the chemicals start to dissolve use a glass towel to wipe them away to keep from spreading. Lime juice is also acidic and helps dissolve the chemical deposits.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is another chemical compound that helps in removing water spots. Like vinegar you may want to dilute one-part isopropyl alcohol with two parts distilled water and soak the water spot before gently removing them with a glass towel.
  • These days specialized spot removal or stain removal sprays for windshields are available in the market. They need to be sprayed directly on the water spot. When completely soaked, they can be wiped away leaving the car glass clean.

Things to remember

  • Never attempt to remove water spots from hot glass or from a car windshield that has been left out in the sun. Repark the car indoors and let the glass cool down before you attempt to remove the water spot.
  • Apply water repellent sprays that are available in the market to prevent water spots from forming on the car windshield.

If you are unable to remove the water spots using the above tips it is best to consults experts dealing in glass replacement in Delhi or any other major city.