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Tools to Evaluate and Solve Issues with Webpage Indexing

If you build links actively, you should know that there are many link building tools that can help you to become more productive and get more results. It’s obvious that paid link building tools usually offer more features than any free solution that you can get from the web.

Paid tools
  • io: This tool supports 20 URLs and 100 keywords. It allows you to monitor your link profile, track rankings and others. Nightwatch is affordable and it’s a great one to try for personal use and small business. For beginners, Nightwatch is easy to use with great visual elements. You can hook Nightwatch up with Search Console and Google Analytics. This tool will help you to know whether you are going up or falling in the SERP. If there are problems, you should be able to figure out things that may go wrong. Nightwatch includes a tool that shows the graph of the average SERP position of your website, compared to the competitors. You can run ranking reports easily according to specific keywords and you can identify keywords that need to be improved. In any SEO campaign, you should know at which area that you should put your focus on. It won’t be productive if you get caught in the daily routine.
  • LittleWarden: This tool is useful for checking redirects and MX records. It’s also useful for monitoring changes with page title. After altering page titles with relevant keywords, you may get better results with ranking and conversions. This tool should be able to monitor anything that can impact your ranking negatively. The pet peeve of many website owners is that if there are technical issues that are not discovered or beyond their control. As an example, you may have worked hard to attract links to a webpage, but unfortunate, the page isn’t accessible to Google. LittleWarden should help you in this situation.


Free tools
  • com: Siteliner should be helpful if you want to look for duplicate content and broken links in your website. If broken links start to appear everywhere within your website, this could result in poor user experience. Google also considers duplicate content as serious, because it can pollute search quality and degrade overall user experience. Siteliner has the Skipped Pages section that informs why some pages are skipped. As an example, they could have 404 error or bots from Google and Bing can’t crawl them. Using Siteliner to find broken links is also quite easy and you should do it regularly.
  • com: This tool helps you to find out when an URL was first indexed. It’s a great thing if you have started a new website and you want to know when it will be indexed. You can also use FirstIndexed to analyze the competition. As an example, you may find out that a competitor’s website was first indexed 8 years ago.

You need to make sure that all webpages in your website are properly crawled to get the best SEO results. Well-optimized pages should impact your ranking properly.