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What is Java used for?

If you are in the IT sector or thinking of making the career in the IT sector, then the word Java must be very familiar with you. But if you are just a beginner and are confused about what it is, what are its uses and what are the benefits of learning this language, then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will tell the uses of Java and why it is the best language to learn.

What is Java?

Java is a computer programming language which enables users to write computer instructions using English based commands. It uses English words and sentences, unlike the numeric codes. It’s known as a “high-level” language as it can be read and write easily by humans. The rules which are followed in Java are called syntax. Java is becoming a widely popular language and t is used to develop lots of applications and websites. So today we talk about the real world uses of this language.

1) Android Apps
If you really want to see the application of Java right now, just open the apps in your smartphone which are built using this language. They are developed with Google’s Android API, which is similar to JDK. The code is written in Java for all these applications.

2) Server Apps at Financial Services Industry

If we talk about the big company finances like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Barclays, Standard Charted and other banks, they use Java which is used for writing the front and back office electronic trading system. Other applications like writing settlement and confirmation systems, data processing projects and many more are written in Java language.

3) Java Web applications
Java also plays an important role in developing various websites for different organizations. Many of government, healthcare, insurance, education, defence, and other departments have web applications which are written in Java code.

4) Scientific Applications
Java is safer, portable, and maintainable and comes with better high-level concurrency tools than C++ or any other language, so I tis becoming the first choice in the scientific application development.

Many people have doubts why one should learn java if they wish to become a software engineer. We have got a lot of reason why it is the best language to go for. Dome of the reasons are stated below:

  1. Java is very easy to learn. The main reason behind this is that this language uses the real-life components which are easier to understand and implement.
  2. Also, the reason for the more popularity of Java is that it is an Object Oriented Programming language. It makes the application easier and it also helps to keep system modular, flexible and extensible. Concepts in Java like inheritance, java reverse array, exception handling are best understood.
  3. Java programming language has a Rich API which makes it a very successful language and most importantly it is highly visible.
  4. IDE and source of libraries have made the writing of code very much easier and understanding. That is why more it is an important language if you looking for a good career in this sector.