Dr. Josh Axe – excellent home remedies for people suffering from allergies

Again, the seasons have started to change, and soon most of us will be prey to congested sinus, watering eyes and headaches. Allergy season is something that keeps you down and makes you stay from your daily activities.

Good news, you can control the allergies and have some remedies that will keep it under control without going under strict medication.

Here are some of the remarkable natural remedies those are going to give a quick relief –

Use of Neti Pot

Clear the nasal passage of allergens & the irritants as per the Ayurvedic tradition has shown some astounding results. Several clinically proven experiments have shown that it is very efficient to treat the conditions of upper respiratory including acute & chronic sinus, as well as common cold.

If you are using neti pot, try to confirm that water is sterile & distilled as much as possible. If you do not like to use neti pot, you may choose a saline water sinus rinse. You can do it if you mix warm plain water with salt & suck it up with one nostril.

Consuming apple cider vinegar

ACV, it is something that is available in abundant, and this unfiltered and raw vinegar can do magic. Drink a glass full of water with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in the water with lemon juice is one of the best ways to get woken up in morning. It is right sinus flush if you put one spoon of vinegar in Neti Pot.

Having raw honey

In case of seasonal allergies, raw honey is excellent. You must count on this traditional remedy. You need to take one tablespoon of local and raw honey almost every day to assist your body grow immunity against the pollen allergies. Honey is reported to reduce the symptom score by 60 percent if you have pollen allergies. One tablespoon of honey works like magic.

Start having eucalyptus oil

In case of seasonal allergies, eucalyptus oil acts like a miracle, so it is high time to use it. You may put the oil in the neti pot, drop by drop and inhale via diffuser or you may use it in detergent as antimicrobial agent.

Since the ancient times, Egyptians used to kill high allergic mites. This eco-friendly oil also helps to keep away dust and insects out of your home during seasonal changes if you add them in detergents. If the allergy grows high, you may mix eucalyptus with oil made from coconut trees & rub it behind the ears and on your chest & or diffuse it in air with a mystified while you sleep.

Buy some frankincense essential oil 

The unbelievable cancer killing capacity of frankincense of India has been very well established, but then the life-giving opportunities are immense and do not die away so soon. It helps to boost immune system like none other home remedies in case if you are suffering with seasonal allergies. So, it is important to have it in your health regimen.

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