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Deals on Luxury Wheels: Why Pick Elite Cars for Big Groups?

Whenever you travel, you definitely need a car. Of course, you are not going to buy a car for traveling, aren’t you? It is better to take a car by rentalcars24h. This is a company of a big choice of cars and democratic prices. You probably know everything about the budget cars for rent. There are many situations when you have to rent a high-class car for a group of people. Undoubtedly, the large and elegant van must be perfect for a big company for all occasions. The beautiful leather salon with big windows and enough space for all guests looks impressive.

Jaguar XJ 2011 17


Perfect Car for Any Occasion

Having a group of people, you can pick a van up to 13-19 seats. The large cars of lux class are usually equipped with all modern conveniences, including a fridge, TVs, coffee tables. The most popular car for a group of people up to 7 is Mercedes V. Need a larger size? You can pick 23, 29, 49 or 53-seater. All cars are organized with:

Conditioning and heating

Regulating seats

TVs and DVD-systems

Stereo sound system and micro

Luggage place

Comfortable seats and headrest

Emergency door

Toilet room

2014 Model Year Jaguar XJ



Airport-Hotel transfer

The transfer service is popular all over the world. A comfortable car can take a group of people, business partners or friends to the hotel or any other needed place. Online services allow booking a car beforehand and planning everything in the best way. There are also budget vans that you can hire for a little money. They are mostly taken for school excursions or sport events.


Wedding is time for parties and happiness. Also, this is a time to meet guests from different corners of the world. If you worry about your guests’ transfer and following you can hire one of beautiful vintage cars. You can also use of available services to book a city excursion. Don’t worry! The cars have enough space for up to 49 passengers. If you need more space, you can take a bus for rent with up to 91 seats. The choice is big. The experienced professional driver does all his best to make your guests feel comfortable and enjoy their trip.

The Bridal Bus!


Corporate events

It is important to plan your corporate even from the beginning to the end. You should think of a right place, booking hotels for all guests if it is needed, making an interesting program, and organizing transfer to the place of your event. Don’t worry! You are not alone! Rental Company offers a big choice of VIP-buses that you can take for rent and give positive impression to your guests. Feel free to welcome more than 50 guests all together. The cars can vary from budget to lux and exclusive. You are guaranteed that your guests will be in safe.

Chrysler Grand Caravan 3.3 SE 2001


Theater excursions

It often happens that you need to organize a theater excursion for your business partners. If you live in a big city, it offers a lot of theater performances, concerts. It is better to take a big bus for rent. Lux class buses are popular in the capital cities. They are able to carry about 50-100 passengers. If you need a guide, you can book a VIP-excursion in a comfortable bus! Don’t worry, you will be on time! The only thing to worry about is booking tickets beforehand.

Christmas Parties and Markets

Rental services offer a wide choice of vehicles that are perfect for transporting you to the right place all over the city. Tourists often pick the luxury buses for driving them to the Christmas party or Christmas voyage. Planning the trip, pay attention to the flight time. The bus will be waiting for your arrival at the airport. You know, it is very important for your guests to start their Christmas feast from the enjoyable and pleasant atmosphere in the bus. Also, it is very important to learn the list of Christmas markets, available in December.

All cars that are referred to the lux category are stylish in interior, high quality in service and following. You can get not only a stylish large car of a lux class, but experienced driver and friendly manager in addition. You trip will be enjoyable. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to take a big bus or SUV car. The level of professionalism is high! Why luxury car? There are many situations in our life when we have to look perfect. So, there is nothing bad in using the best elite cars and elite service. Besides, the prices are not always scaring. You can get a sale for it, depending on the car model, terms, and duration.

Let your guests feel safe and comfortable in a lux car with fresh air, soft seats, leather interior, and a set of cocktails in the bar. Let your car correspond to your trip.

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